The book that truly seperates the POSERS, wackos and wannabes from the DOERS, the real MEN …
- It truly does.

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I just love it when I get comments like “you dont even look like you work out!” – or … “Twiggy” or other nonsense, hehe.

I make it a point to mention it instantly. Hehe. Always one for mentioning BOTH sides of the coin am I – bluntly at that, hehe. So it shall remain!

(because my list knows I give it to them straight in terms of everything, not just the “good” stuff) (Thats why they call me the REAL DEAL!)

Not just because it’s a massive boost in sales – I know every time Glyn Bozo shows up for one, theres a HUGE spike in sales (which has already registered since he’s popped his head out of his mouse hole a coupla days ago apparently) … but also because it gives me a chuckle and amuses me.

And hey, end of the day if it wasn’t interesting enough to amuse me I probably wouldnt bother anyway. Hehe.

Anyway ….

This one from a real man – my buddy who spent more than 20 years in the Marines, when I kept telling him compared to him (he’s HUGE naturally) – I looked “small”.

There’s plenty of things that he said, but there’s ONE thing that he kept repeating /saying that sticks in mind.

“You’re not a small specimen, Rahul!”

And then the part about the “packed chest“, “you look like you workout regularly”, and so forth …

Truly, with me, even in that regard, it’s a case of “extremes”. Either you do or you dont. And thats fine.

I still remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla telling me – “you’re not that much smaller than I am!”

Actually he’s right on this one, but he could knock my damn lights out too, hehe.

“He’s thick, but you’re broad!” 

Anyway …

One of my favorite pictures, and I dont take very many was from China in 2018, me working out on my lonesome, it was approaching winter, and it was almost Chinese New Year when damn near the entire country would overrun the park, so I was trying to get my workouts done FIRST.

Solid, hard pull-up workous…

It was during that period I created three of my best, most solid books – Pull-ups – from STUD to super STUD within a matter of WEEKS!Advanced Hill Training – and of course the incomparable Battletank Shoulders, truly forged in the spirit of battle, bleeding chin and all … Hehe.

(no fun when you hammer your chin to the ground when doing handstand pushups).

(even less when you pop a thumb in and out – OUCH! That one remains on the top of the list of injures to avoid) …

Anyway, my ego BE spilling over – as always, eh. Hehe.

And so in that regard, here’s a picture I wanted to share with ya’ll, not for any other reason other than I LOVE it – some of the best memories ever.

Whether or not it shows me working out, you decide. Hehe.

A bit grainy that pic eh.

But it’ll do.

The better pictures are in the book – which seperates the DOERS from the wanna be’s and posers.

And that book, my friend is “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of weeks!

It’s even being translated into Spanish as we speak. Hehe.

But if there was ONE book in my catalog I could point out as having that description, it is this one.

Trust me, it’s a tough choice.

There are MANY – Animal Kingdom Workouts is another – Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness is another – and many others that fit the bill, and rightly so.

But pull-ups, doing them in proper form, and the core and ab workouts you get – and the special ways I teach you to do pull-ups in a manner most people not only have never thought of, but cannot DO, period – they will always remain the litmus test of real fitness.

If you’re a poser, if you’re fat, if you’re someone that talks a big game but falls flat on their face when it comes time to DO – this exercise is the #1 indicator, the #1 test that will show YOU up fast – and humble you BRUTALLY.

So it should.

On that note, heres a great review for the book from John Walker, a true doer –

This book will transform you.

First I must address the above review otherwise you’ll find what I have to say regarding the book hard to believe.

The fact is, Glyn Schofield has an ongoing dispute with the author of the book and his review is designed to try and dissuade people from purchasing the book and thereby cost the author potential customers.
Glyn Schofield has not purchased any of the books he routinely reviews, nor does he have the slightest clue as to what constitutes a valid training book, I seriously doubt he’s ever exercised in his sorry little life.

Back to the review, this book will transform anyone who has the guts to give the book’s content a good hard try, there is a reason that the top elite military units around the world prize this exercise so highly, having the strength to pull your own bodyweight from full extension to full contraction repeatedly is very rare these days, which is why the easier lat pulldown exercise is so popular, it does not require the same amount of strength, only pulling your own bodyweight will give you that superior strength, if you want that kind of strength you owe it to yourself to get this book and learn from it and prepare to be transformed.

Another excellent book from the bodyweight guru.

Here is a review he sent in earlier for “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS!” –

(he did what I keep telling people to do i.e. get the books in ORDER, this one first, then the advanced book.

Kudos, John – doer as always!)

Brilliant Book On The Most Important Upper-Body Exercise.

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not “strong” and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.

Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you’ll never look back.

Brilliant book, thank you.

Notice how he keeps saying “chin passing over the bar”.

Lots of posers and fitness wannabe’s claim they do pull-ups, they do em in piss poor lousy form which dont count.

Look, if you’re using momentum to swing up there, if you’re not gripping the right way, if you’re wimping out and doing parallel bar pull-ups more than regular (dont get me wrong, the former is great, but nothing replaces the latter), and most of all – if you’re not COMFORTABLY getting the chin over the bar and holding there for a sec at least – ideally, it should be STERNUM to bar – then you’re not fit, you’re not strong, and you’re not doing pull-ups right, period.

Even my buddy from the Marines admitted that I was right in terms of form on pull-ups when we were discussing it, now for them of course they train for combat, so form isn’t always paramount – but ask any Marine to read either of the two books I’ve written, and give you an honest unbiased opinon of the contents, and how to’s on pull-ups, they will tell you the same damn thing.

If there’s one thing Marines know it’s how to do pull-ups, if there is one exercise they respect despite cracking out over 500 pushups daily as “routine” – it is pull-ups.


And it shouldn’t be any other way!

Anyway …

Back to ego, I got this whiny rant today (as I suspected I would)

Wow Dude What’s Your Deal?

Hey man,

If you have an issue with me, just talk to me instead of bitching on your blog. I’m right here. I saw some of your recent posts and I don’t what your deal is but whatever you think I even wrote about recently had nothing to do with you at all. You need to check your ego man, or get some serious help. Seriously are you that messed up in the head?


Always interesting how people react when the shoe is on the other foot. Hehe. Reminds me of Bozo Glyn who has been begging for an audience with me for years for ostensibly the same reasons, yet, when the shoe was in his corner, he would happily troll me publicly and blocked me from the get go instantly.

Hee hee, is all I can say. Should I put in that giggle emoji Maria keeps telling me not to use?

Doesn’t fit in with the image above, I know, but hey, shades of grey, and hey. Seriously. I cannot understand why people trip like this, but trip they Do, trip they will, and its all a massive sales boost for me which I love. Hehe.

As for Benny Boy, who sent that whiny stuff in, dude, like I said, I had forgotten all about you, but you didnt.

You’re the one that can’t get enough, and keep coming back for more. Dont they all, lol (hey, that rhymed!)

And if you’re going to keep reading what I say “on the sly” – trying to copy my style (so obvious it shows) – if you’re going to make comments about books not even released as yet – and so forth – and then pretend you never did – well , all I can say is … cop out, my dear Benny.

Look, luv, as Aunt Dahlia would say, hehe – you’re dealing with a Master of the Game here, and you won’t win, I’ll tell you that much, but you’re welcome to keep trying.

(and as for being messed up in the head, while you’re nowhere near as messed up as the Bozo is, hehe – you’re getting there, I mean really – who parades their man boobs around shaking them off and saying “look at my muscle” …)

Not to mention, what you keep babbling about “he knows nothing about training”, well, chances are “he”, whoever he is, and I think I know, knows a hell of a lot more than you do about it, hehe. But hey, keep at…

As a customer said about this “guy”

“My God, what a real man and a half”. Hehe.

(i put in the “half”).

And that’s that.

Anyway …

Fitness wise, “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” is truly the book, the LITMUS test, the ONE indicator amongst many that seperates real men from pansies, poses, whiners, puffers, buffers, and so forth.

If you’re in any way interested in physical training, and if you’re a real man or woman reading this, then you’ll want to have this book in your catalog – period.

If you claim “its just pull-ups”, or “I dont want it”, or any other rot of that nature, then I’m sorry (any other rot of the nature mentioned above that is) but you’re neither really interested in any form of serious physical training nor are you a real man or woman.

Facts may hurt, but there they are.

Every real doer should want, and HAVE this on their bookshelf – PERIOD.

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – On a side note, but this is something that could and should be of supreme interest to a lot of you reading this, I once asked John what his favorite book was in terms of all of the ones he’s got (he will get more too when his situation permits) ..

And he answered with this one – Pushups – Reverse Pushups – the best darn exercise EVER! 


Well, the review on the page says it all, check it out NOW.

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