The movie all beached whales should probably watch (along with apologists and phat phocks)
- Note - this applies to the whiners.

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With so much whining going on about “big but not fat”, and “I’m not fattttttttttttttttt!” while surreptiously posting about “my weight loss is coming soooooo slow!” – and posting pictures of man boobs claiming ‘it’s muscle’ and other nonsense the masses are so addicted to (really, my wife made a telling comment the other night “they’re making people WEAK” is what she said – and I laughed – “people were already weak, its been goin on for years”) …

I mean sac up beached whales, if you’re fat, you’re fat, there’s no two ways around it.

Either you get off your blubbery ass and do something about it, or you live with going to plus stores and whine about it – there’s no two ways around this.


Or this “amazingly awesome!” crap I see a certain fellow keeping on going on about …

Or this “so what if I’m fat! I’m a human being!”

I mean jeez (this was a girl I wont name) – yeah, I never said you were a Martian, women are from Venus eh.

Christ Almighty, as a certain John Walker once said, “where’s the Dunkirk spirit”.

Doubt most even know what that means.

Anyway – this movie, I ain’t seen it, neither will I.

“The Whale” its so aptly named as well …

And after watching the cast, I sure won’t x 10.

It smacks of hypocrisy and political correctness, the VIBE – except for the 600 lb male lead Brendan Fraser, now I know nothing about the dude, but the vibe he gives off is actually that of a DOER.

In the movie apparently he wears a prosthetic suit to mimic being a phat phocker.

I dont blame you, Brendan!

Though of course, if you’re really dedicated you could do a Sly Stallone (Copland) but Sly even there looked “solid but out of shape” – NOT 600 lbs – doubt despite all the eating Sly did for the movie he’d want to get that badly out of shape no matter what the payoff.

I know I wouldnt.

Suits, well, Ben Affleck put on one for Batman, hey. Thats movies…

Anyway, this movie – the male lead (again, I didnt even know who Brendan Fraser was until today) –

“Obesity is the last domain of prejudice that we as a society still haven’t changed the way we speak about it, the way we refer to people, the way that we care about one another,” says #TheWhale star Brendan Fraser. “I’m hopeful that can change.”

Well he had to say it – its his movie, apparently a “comeback” movie from what people are touting it as, I’ve no idea why and I dont particularly care to research it either.

Bozo Glyn of course would watch it just for the “gay” and “humungous butt” part.

But its sad movies like this with all the right Asian cast, the “token Indian” thrown in (sorry, I have to be honest friends – and I’m not exactly white myself, so please spare me the drama on this one) and so forth …

… are all the rage.

Anyway, phat phockers will likely love the movie, for me, one to avoid…

I mean, really.


Like, if you’re sad, get the fuck over it. Its that simple.

Or be sad and workout.

If you’ve got genuine health issues that make you balloon up and you can’t exercise, then I’ll never say this sort of thing – other hand, over dependency on medicines you dont need in the first place making you a beached whale and lazier by the day, if thats you, you’re just pathetic my friend.

IF thats you (before the drama comes rolling in).

I’m being honest here, fellas.

There’s no two ways around it.

If you want to kick ass and take names, at a certain point you face facts, and no matter how tough it is you make a start – and (a certain “Chuck” hates me saying this, hehe, he says its “mindless”) – just do it.

Thats it, you just do it, you ignore everything else.

The simplest of maxims works the best.

I’ve been recently asked “do I have a copyright on Just do it”?

I might as well, hehe. Maybe I’ll apply for one!

In the meantime, for a brutally tough, hard hitting fitness system that sticks to real world sensible info that works, is not politically correct, and tells you what to do to get in shape without the extra bullshit, go here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And that, friend, is that.

Back – SOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

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