Cutting that gas PIPE!
- I aint even talking about politics

I ain’t even gonna get into geopolitics here, and the lunacy surrounding most of the highly idiotic news reports out there (I mean really, putting Putin’s face, admittedly the dude is a real man and a super swimmer – next to some boat in the ocean and then claiming “he did it” – is hardly even decent trolling – let alone news, but thats what news in general, Yahoo! news especially has “descended to” – just ludicrous some of the nonsense they post).

Anyway …

The other day, I bought a stove for the house after a lot of bitching from my wife about it (she sure finds a reason to bitch up a storm doesnt she. Hehe. Dont they all?)

Apparently the burners on the old one weren’t working or some nonsense, I dont quite know, but I could NOT be bothered to get into specifics, so I just bought her the new one.

Part of connecting that stove to the gas supply (in that house apparently what you and I are used it i.e. Piped natural gas isn’t a thing, apparently it has to be done the old fashioned way with heavy, bulky nasty ass gas “cylinders” or what not) entailed removing the gas pipe from the old stove, connecting it to the new one.

Piece of cake, I thought, laughing.

So would you ..

Yet, it took Mr Gorilla Grip an entire hour and probably more to cut through that damned thing before reconnecting it to the new stove.

Now, admittedly I was using a blunt kitchen knife to do it, with the right tool i.e. axe, hehe – it would be over much quicker.

But I used scissors too on it, I wanted to make it a pure grip workout if anything.

And I truly learned the meaning of the word “repetitive” for the nth time – yet again – as I kept cutting through that pipe, pulling, prodding, willing it to cut loose which it finally did. Hehe.

Super grip workout, not featured in either Gorilla Grip – or Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) – or Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – but probably will be in future books.

Otherwise, remember the simplest of things are enough to build a monster corsucating grip that will shock the living bejesus out of anyone that dares to grip your hand …

That unnatural kungfu like grip I talk about so (that others have said).

And for more, get the books above.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee