Nothing moves – without DOING
- In all ways

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Here’s some thing that might be familiar to a lot of people.

The “C” word – in terms of DIGESTION.

Yup, we’ve all been there, eh. Straining, straining ….

And believe it or not, over 90% of the population suffers from it to some degree.

Over 70% of it suffer from digestive issues in some way, form or the other – that includes – usually -a LOT of constipation.

I remember back in the day when I was “plagued” by IBS and other crap – pun intended.

I remember the doctor’s reports coming back saying … “colon stuffed with fecal matter”.

For those going eww, it’s a lesson in how visualization works – and soon, how it does NOT.

Finally, when I started to exercise – bang – (exercise the right way) – pun intended.

Things started to “move”.

Without doing, I’d just feel lazy and like shit – full of it too in some ways.

Doing it, I’d feel better – of course, if I had known about the special isometrics to do to “get it all out” – not only get it all out, but also RESOLVE the root causes – well, I’d be doing them then.

But I didnt.


Nothing moves unless you DO first – fat included,  my friend.

And this, strange as it might sound, this email I mean – isn’t just fitness related.

Life wise, the bozos who keep talking about the “law of attraction” like its some magic key – 19 to the 12.

The Secret.

And what not.

You look at these people that sit there, passively waiting for “inspiration” to come, or “think about it, and it’ll happen”, and so forth – taking what was being said in Think and Grow Rich in precisely the manner the author did NOT intend for them to take – ignoring the most important chapter of all in it – or two of them, and no, I’m not going to name them, but chances are excellent and second to none that if you read the book and think those two Chapters are “bogus” or “horse manure” – then those are the chapters I’m referring to.

I know, I’ve lived it. Been on both sides of the coin my friend.

I know what works, and what does, and passively reciting mantras, affirmations, Law of Attraction and other crap – you may THINK it attracts what you want to you.

It actually REPELS – unless you mix in other crucial parts of the equation.

And one crucial part, though by far not the most and only crucial part, but still crucial enough in terms of the bottom line – is DOING.

Without doing, my friend, nothing moves, nothing stays moving.

And this, if anything should be a lesson to the lazy fat (and likely constipated) blobs sitting on their couches right now reading this, too lazy to do any real physical activity other than run their jaw muscles, and there seem to be plenty of those.

Plenty of people like that, if you’re one of those, if you’re reading it, who knows.

You might – nay, you WILL get pissed off.

But you might just learn a very important lesson if you read between the lines…

Alright, thats that.

My book on isometrics is one you simply must have even if you’re not interested in heavy duty – hardcore workouts – it should be “recommended” doing for everyone if just for health purposes.

And when you get on the programs and find yourself beaming from ear to ear on them like I am, you’ll KNOW what I BE Talking about!

That, friend is that -get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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