Sobibhor – rock breaking – and more.
- Brutal!

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Sobhibor, I believe, was the name of a concentration camp the Nazis had – one of the most awfully, horribly, brutal ones – and thats saying a lot. Probably right behind Auschwitz, I dont know… (in those stakes).

And the movie made in 2017 in Russia, I think – same name – which I watched recently on Prime Video – well, it was BRUTAL.

Not so much an eye opener, as anyone with half a brain knows the horrors that went on beyond the walls (though knowing it is one thing, living it is another – my word!) of those so called work camps, but the movie is realistic, gritty and brutal – and obviously just “touches” upon what really went on there, it’s impossible to put the horrors that did in a movie – but they did a pretty damn good job!

Movie’s all in Russian, and it was Russia’s official entry to the Oscars that year, I believe.

Brutal, and if you’re not into seeing brutal real life, dont watch it, period.

And if you’re not into brutal training, dont read this – period.

Real life, my friend, gets that way.

And it doesnt necessarily require a Nazi prison camp to be that way either….

In the great Sunny Deol (there is a reason he is featured on the sales page for Pushup Central)’s blockbuster movie Ghayal (translates into “injured”) – the initial training montage, and the music – barebones, yet brutal – I’ll never forget it.


One of those things that cannot be repeated no matter what.

In prison, you see Sunny (a boxer wrongly imprisoned) on a bare bones diet.

Indian prisons as I wrote about are BRUTAL.

You see him breaking rocks at the crack of down – with an axe.

Not those wimpy hammer swings you see so often these days from fat boys swinging them and claiming they “give you a pump” or other nonsense.

No, this is real man sledgehammer stuff, really bringing the WHOLE body into it – much like you see Stallone chopping wood in the Rocky series.

Or, the initial scene of Rambo II.

Then the movie cuts to him at night, all the prisoners are exhausted and sleeping, he’s doing pushups, letter perfect form!

Chest to the ground on EVERY rep, eyes burning with rage…

Then he does chin ups on a bare bones rafter when it’s pouring outside. Reminds me of that story I told you about so often when I picked up a massive rusty iron pipe in China and had it installed for doing pull-ups (lucky the landlord never found out. Good ole Andy, hehe, but he wouldn’t have cared, I fixed the place back up too! Made a hell of a racket while installing it tho… Hehe).

OK, it was outside the bordello, but it was not part of the piping. Hehe.

Boy, if you could only see the smile on my face writing that!

Anyway ……. in the movie Sobhibor.

You see the commander of the camp who isn’t physically outwardly as brutal as the rest of the guards under him, but MENTALLY the worst – obviously – (which matters!) – ordering a Russian prisoner who had been caught before breaking out – to “break a stone” as punishment for being out of turn (I forget exactly how, but they didnt need an excuse for that, did they).

He points to a large rock.

“Either you break that within 5 minutes, or we’ll shoot 10 of your fellow prisoners”.

Dude accepts – he didnt have a choice anyway, did he?

He ends up breaking the rock – which would normally take 10 minutes or more to break.

Gets offered an apple in return.

“No, i’m fine with prison rations”, he says, looking the General straight in the eye.

Sure, he was polite, respectful, but even then, the General saw a fellow leader – despite the massive discrepancy in the power balance between them.

This guy would routinely shoot prisoners willy nilly. For no reason.

Despite all the various skirmishes between him and the other guy mentioned above, he never so much as touched him.

Perhaps even the Nazis knew the meaning of the word “respect” and when it’s warranted…

Anyway, great movie overall, I recommend it – if you’re into brutal that is. But everythin depicted it in is real, including chaining men to carts and making them literally pull other men around like horses, and being whipped while doing so.

Again, thats real life in many places.

Kolkata, India, read this

Brutal, eh.

But fitness wise, for lifelong fitness, it’s brutal that gets you there.

Not wimpy videos on Tik Tok filmed from so far away that you try and hide that humungous belly poking out but dont quite manage to do so … Not stupid “motivational” crap on youtube “you’ll ATTRACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCT it!” – not 2 min exercise “bursts” – unless it’s real sprints – and so forth.

It’s REAL MAN training.

And if you’ve got a tool laying around, damn, son, at least use that tool like it’s meant to be. Anything less is disrespect.

THAT is why I get so pissed when I see guys (or girls) ignoring the basics of pull-ups, pushups.

Not so much disrespecting me, I could care a crap less about that – its disrespecting the exercise, the movement…

Same thing for implements.

Or anything you train with.

Same thing with your own body too, which is why I cannot understand how people let themselves get SO out of shape my friend – it’s just pathetic, I cannot understand how these people look themselves in the eye in the mirror in the mornings – or at any time.

Disrespecting YOURSELF is what that is, whether you know it or not, whether you realize it or not.

Cut it any way you like – facts stand.

And here’s the bottom line, BRUTAL is what you’ll get in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness.

You wont get “just the easy club swings” or the basic kettlebell moves which you could probably find on the internet.

No, it’ll be damn near as brutal as what I’ve described above.

You, of course, dont have to be in the hot sun like ole Sunny was, hehe breaking rocks – or doing it with sadistic prison guards watching or more like in the other movies mentioned above …

But the movements, the exercises, they will be exactly and just as – if not MORE brutal.

There’s a reason, of course, Pushup Central and Battletank Shoulders are called BRUTAL as well … because they ARE.

THAT sort of training is what gets results.

From wimp to REAL MAN – or woman.

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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