Yet another super important reason EVERYONE should have a pair of Indian clubs sitting around.
- And you should!

Other than all the benefits I keep writing about, something I keep coming back to – yes, I’ve mentioned it before – but first –


Woke up, did 50 squats to get the soreness out (and prepare for 200 more later, perhaps more).

Headed over to the chinning bar to pop 5 off to warm up, slow and easy, nice and perfect form, but man, I was SORE.

Them triceps didnt want to move!

And so, I did ONE.

Then I went back to my room. Or study, depending upon … my man cave, I like to call it.

And I picked up my clubs – or ONE club, the 20 kg club I use for my training.

And I did swings with it for both hands.

I knew what would happen.

Within 100 swings done non stop (easy peasy for me, but most people will need months to work up to it with this sort of weight) – I was FEELING it.

The blood was flowing back to the upper back!

The arms felt loose, agile – again!

And I rushed to the pull-up bar, before I knew it – I was done with 10, more to come.

Now, point of me mentioning this isn’t to give you a rundown of my training or routine or even to poke my nose in your training – first thing you know, it aint my business how you train, thats your business, but it IS my business to give you ADVICE.

Advice that will help you.

I’m telling you this right NOW – even if you aren’t interested in clubs for all the other amazing benefits they offer, the sheer RECUPERATIVE benefits are a damned good reason you need to have A pair of Indian clubs sitting around in your room – training dungeon, whatever it is – or at the very least, at lease ONE!

It can be light. Most, like I’ve said before, will find working with 3 to 5 kgs challenging when they start.

(dont listen to me – at your own peril)

(dont complain about banged up jaws and teeth falling out though, hehe)

But just – even if you’re into lifting weights (heavy iron) and doing bodyweight exercises on alternate days (which is perfectly fine if you’re into that) – as I told John, an old timer around here and regular customer, 0 Excuses “faithful” as it were…

(us old timers stick TOGETHER)

.. even if you’re into doing hard bodyweight daily as I am, even if you are “too sore to do pull-ups” after a fantastic workout on them the day before (note – do it DAILY. Hit it HARD – daily. Yes, I realize you need rest and all that crap, but for real results, fact is this – you bust your butt – DAILY!) …

(and no, you wont break down either if you do it right).

There is no better tool to dissipate soreness in the upper body I’ve found than a brief club swinging workout – which of course you can take to “insane levels” like I do and make them a workout unto themselves.

You can go light, you can go heavy, but swinging clubs should be done DAILY, my friend, NO, although maces are superlative as well, you cannot get the same training effect from maces as you do clubs due to the way the clubs are shaped.

And that is that.

I’ll have more on this in the future, but that is the advice for now, my friend.

Take it or leave, up to you.

Place the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness if you’re truly into real man fitness – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Although I’m not huge on exercise “tools – a jump rope and a basic ab wheel – well – you’ll do great without them, but it wouldn’t hurt to have ’em!

Ab wheel features in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness.

The jump rope does in Jump Rope Mania (another one of those “forgotten beauties” around here).

Do we ever forget them beauties? ????

They sure dont forget US … Hehe.

PS – I plan on getting some pictures for Squat 101 taken today, let’s see how that pans out. HA!

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