If you done (did) got tired of high reps…
- Some (only SOME!!) of you are qualified to hear this.

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At the outset, let me say two things, one, not everyone is qualified to hear this. And two, well, for someone who lived in the South for so long, and loved every bit of it despite the so called (wrongly so in this day and age) “racist” tag it gets (no, flying Rebel flags dont necessarily translate into that either pal!) .. and for someone who has a “dear” friend Lilly who ranted about “them dammmmmnn Yankees!” all the time (he is Cajun from Louisana, heh)…

… well, it would remiss of me not to put “did” after done? ????

You Southerners will get it… I dont have the drawl anymore, but I did back in the day!

After going to China I HAD to undergo another “self” metamorphosis in terms of English if you get my drift, so …

Anyway, its great to see two things – that one,  Lilly and I are still friends despite so many old friends dropping off the list either due to difference in political or other views.

It’s nice to be able to talk to someone without being at their throats. He probably doesnt fully agree with my (complimentary in many regards as ya’ll know) views on a certain Vladimir Putin and the reasons behind the war (the real reasons no-one is telling you) – but he’s certainly not liberal, I’ll give him that!

He may not be a Trump lover, I was – but like I said, after 2020 – Trump tried to do a fine job, he succeeded in some regards, but like the man himself said in 2020, time to move on.

Ron De Santis, Mike Pence, plenty of fine candidates for the Presidency. But, my man remains the SAME – dark horse ex Cia head Mike Pompeo … THAT is my man – if he runs – I hope so!

If he did, I suspect the man would win hands down, I cannot praise Pompeo enough for his brevity when the situation requires it, his play on words, how pithy he can be while getting his point across in a very logical and emotionless manner, and .. well, the sheer erudite nature of his personality, down to earth nature, many accomplishments and so forth…


I remember explaining to some dude who was once asking me the difference between “Yank and Yankee” that the former was Americans in general, the latter those from the North.

Something that was ratified by a certain “Bill” Roney and if William Roney ratifies it (if he’s reading this – Hey Bill! Long time no chat – I’m sure Bozo “addicted to not just ass licking, but ass whipping too apparently, his own that is” Glyn will forward this to you without my asking, hehe) … well, it must be right

Hehe again, good ole days.

Anyway, almost 500 words in (I can just hear another Bozo complaining about “whats the point of all this”) … this ain’t about Yanks, Indians, Red Indians, Mexicans, Seminole Indians, Poke Tahola, or anything of that nature.

It ain’t about the fact that I dont quite agree fully with my bud Lilly about his views on Yankees, he’s got some fair points, but they have fine damn people up there too, some customers, or a certain one – I wont mention him, ya’ll guess! – a certain one that is an unabashed fan of Pushup Central for one is from there – damn fine “son of the soil” and ex man in Blue is he.

Respect, Charles.

It’s about this – lots of you -those that are DOERS – and high reps.

As I said in the outset, this doesnt apply to you if you’re a lazy ass that can’t pump out 100 pushups or more per workout without collapsing.

It doesnt apply if youre fat and are looking for an excuse to escape exercises that brutally expose the lack of conditioning (usually accompanied by too much gelatinous whale blubber both around midsection, tits and bottom) …

But it applies if you’re a doer.

Look, sometimes we all get tired of high reps in that we’re just too sore to do high reps, or “it just dont feel right”.

Oddly enough, these days are the days when the TOUGH movements – you improve in them!

For me, today’s workout was 250 squats, 40 pushups (floor), 20 handstand pushups, and 50 pull-ups.

Not necessarily brutal numbers for someone like me, I was going to do 200 pushups as well, but it just did not feel like that sort of day.

Much like it did not feel like a straight up 250 bodyweight squat day.

So I just improvised, made things HARDER.

Squats, I did a version of the jumping squat most have no inkling of – covered in Squat 101 – along with the regulars, and Hindus, and I used a “make your legs super sore” technique I outline in that book as well.

Pushups, I made the handstand pushups that much tougher by including wall walkouts and PAUSES in each movement I did. (each set – I did them in sets of 5 today this way).

Pull-ups, well, and again, Charles, you come to mind – I made them plyometric today – thick grips – even slower than normal ….

And I finished off with super tough versions of club swings not covered in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness (yes, even with all the variations already there, there are tons more!) – because I dont want you hammering yourself on the top of the head, my friend.

And no doubt some will if you try that right off the bat which I dont advise, but some idiots will try anyway.

And as I sit here remembering Charles, I dont know if this email applies to specifically to him, but probably does to a degree – I KNOW it applies to a lot of you – as I sit there shoulders “zinging” after them plyo pushups … well, I gotta say this.

Advanced Plyometrics should definitely be the next one out, I better put up a sales page for it soon! I thought I’d put in 25 exercises, but the book has ballooned to 51 already which can only be a good thing.

Anyway ……………..


  1. There is no excuse to skip high rep pushups, or pull-up, or those type of workouts.
  2. Get good at ’em, DAMN good, and dont dwadle …
  3. Once those above two things have been taken care of, yes, by all means make the movement harder.

I could tell you so many ways I made the pushups harder including trying pike pushups on fingertips – fingers NOT pointing straight. Yikes!

Anyway – thats it for this one.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Those that just read and “do nothing”, again, a shout out to hit the unsubscribe link, as if you’re never in the mood to BUY, then there’s no point is there? For either of us … Thank you! (in advance).

PS #2 – I love how Charles mentioned how so many people from “communist” NY are moving to the good ole “Lone star” State. (not to mention from socialist California to FL and so forth)-  Hey, they’re doing SOMETHING right there, hehe. . .

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