Cold weather training tips.
- The obvious, mostly...

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One of the things I hate about my current living arrangement is something most used to Asia, or those that have grown up here or belong to here, etc – look at me as I’m nuts when I mention it.

Dont worry – yours truly is used to that look!

It is this – during summer, I cannot stand not having central A/C – and during winter, I abhor not having central HEATING.

Those space heaters are great, nothing beats turning on one switch and having the entire apartment or house heated at one shot though – not to me.

If you’re Dr Lamar, a bit of a cheapass, you’ll do your bit to save on energy costs. No, this is not “now” – this was back in the day 99 when I was at the ex’s house, her Mom wouldn’t let us “sleep together”. Hehe. That sort of traditional! Hilarious..

I was wondering at that point where I was – in India, or the U.S of A ?


Anyway – this means during winter non heated areas are freezing cold, summer, they’re boiling hot.

And from a person that doesnt mind taking cold showers – indeed, the colder and icier it feels, the more I look forward to the challenge of staying in for long periods, especially during my night showers (no pun) – this might sound strange, but here it is – those last as a challenge for a bit, then I’m out – I’d like to be in comfort after that, not “perennial jail or Nazi camp”.

Anyway – in winter, training takes on new dimensions.

Those of you doing outdoor work in snowy weather and stuff – well, this isn’t so much about that sort of training (to me the closest I’ve ever come to snow on a regular basis was in New York, one winter and that was mild by NY standards – and ONE day in bonny China when snowflakes falling caused the whole city to go into a stir, hehe – I still remember freezing my BOOTOCKS off literally climbing the hill that day, bundled up in three layers…) …

… this is for indoor workouts in cold weather, sometimes, the indoors can be bone chillingly cold too.

To me, the best workouts have always been leg workouts – this takes on new dimensions in cold weather.

NOTHING gets that surge of energy – and “warmth” flowing from your soles like heavy duty leg work does – squats, hill climbing, whichever it might be. (or other heavy leg work).

Or – exercises that get the whole body moving – and get you huffing and puffing – which are usually the same thing – leg and back.

Animal kingdom workouts – or, my personal favorite – pull-ups, closely followed by pushups.

(PS – Kindly – I mean kindle, hehe – lovers, remember, a lot of this is in kindle format for YOU too!)

Then, another tip is this – BREATHE even more religiously than you do normally – this gets not just the blood flowing, but keeps the body warm.

Reduce rest time between sets even more – in cold weather, you shouldn’t be that exhausted anyway, not as much as if you were sweating buckets outdoors in hot weather.

That doesnt mean you speed through SETS. No.

It means you reduce breaks, time between sets even more, it means you work with even more laser focus – oddly this could mean, such as with pushups, your sets sometimes become slower as you focus MORE on form (and the body keeps heating up that much more).

Keep yourself hydrated – something most people ignore even more during winter, and plain ole water works best – not just when it’s hot, but when it’s COLD too.

If you can take icy cold showers to keep your metabolism going, thats great. Not essential!

But otherwise, those are training tips for cold weather, all basically nothing you dont know or haven’t figured out already, but thought I’d put it out there since I see so many people around me being Buddha on the bed swathed in blankets, shawls, and what not …

Workouts need to be done regardless of weather – indoors, outdoors, whatever.

Tis that simple, my friend!

And thats that – remember, along with parkas and wollens, Squat 101 is a MUST have for cold weather as well – get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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