100 handstand pushups?
- Oh yes...

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While doing handstand pushups, which seem even easier than ever for me now – though they never are “easy”- I focus like a madman on every single rep I do, and slow it down to the utmost possible for one – I remembered a line, oft forgotten from one of my favorite bodyweight training books – after 0 Excuses Fitness, “the very best ever” as people have rightly said “nothing comes close” of course. Hehe.

He was talking about doing high reps – and low reps.

And how he combined the time honored principle of low reps and high weight (weightlifting) into bodyweight movements.

“On the other hand, if you take handstand pushups, it would be impossible for anyone but King Kong to do that many, and I doubt anyone out there has equalled Kong’s level of upper body development”.

As I watched an old video (VCR – remember those??) of Kubik getting through a marathon one hour workout – 315 lb trap bar deadlift – man!

Guy had some serious muscle on him back in the day – still not too bad NOW.

Handstand pushups, I remember Brooks talking about how even three freestanding ones done in proper form were GOOD.

I love ole Brooks. Hehe. Right from when we first started to communicate.  .  .

(pity I wasnt doing all this then, but then again, what I WAS doing and focusing on gave me fodder for my other business now. All in good time. Hehe).

But anyway.

I remember a conversation in 2017 with my buddy from the Marines that I’ve mentioned here numerous times where I spoke of doing 100 pull-ups daily, he said that was tough for anyone.

Which he’s right, but for me, it was easy, I said so.

I also said this –

“Now 100 handstand pushups per workout – man, thats something!” 

He replied with a “You’re goddamned right”.

We both were – are.

Back in 2017, when I wrote Battletank Shoulders, I was truly doing 150 pull-ups per workout, tons of pushups – hill climbing and such.

HSPU’s per workout never went beyond 75 though, and I was flagging on form towards the end on those!

(I did them in sets of 5-8 – 25 reps per “time”).

Is that a goal for NOW?

I doubt it – I’m doing fine doing around 30-40 per workout these days!

But I might well could make it a goal, especially given what turned to be the 1000’th post on the other site (I dont believe in coincidence, enough said – cryptically) about manifestaton

We’ll see, but I believe it’s very possible. Hehe. Just takes gallons of sweat to work up to it for once, much like ole Brooks in the 90’s hammering out them reps, sometimes two at a time in Louisville KY – hill city – YES!

They all count. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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