One arm pushups -or NO arm pushups??
- Really, some of the stuff I see out there!

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Really, a lot of the crap I see these “two second” Tik Tok influencers spout (or wanna be anyone’s pretending to be someone – to be frank, one thing I’d NEVER want to be called? An “influencer” – here today, gone tomorrow…) …

Anyway, last night I was uploading some more member’s only pushup videos to the Ship.

Some great, great stuff, “arm sizzling workouts” as a certain man put it.

Almost 55 is that guy, stellar stuff R ..

Anyway – while doing so, Youtube popped up this odd notification of “no arm pushups”.


And I forgot about it.

Yet, later it rankled in my mind, so I clicked through – and cripes!!!

Seems to be a thing with some people much like the “look at how much food I stuffed down my gullet and threw up after that” Korean girls in Korea fad … or some of the other equally silly fads out there (some downright DANGEROUS).

And when I clicked through to the video, geez, I’ve heard of levitating Babas ignoring the laws of space, time and Physics, but these are average looking Chinese or Korean dudes doing a one arm pushup – then so called progressing to a “no arm pushup” which is basically a good pushup – and then the arms suddenly disappear and the body magically lifts itself – in perfect form as well!

I aint shitting ya.

Google, you’ll find it (Bozos globally will no doubt do just that for freeeeeeeeeeeeee since I mention it here. Hehe).

There’s some video of a (supposedly) Russia solider doing this as well.

The depths to which people will sink to – and I dont mean the Russians, I mean whichever nut job thought of putting Chinese or Russians in the video. Everything bad has to be either china or Russia! It’s just hilarious, these damn liberals.

Back to fitness – apparently thats a thing with some.

I wouldn’t advocate it though – no way, not unless you want several busted noses, chins, all at once.

What I WOULD advocate – in terms of strength workouts – ONE arm work – although I’ve been very vocal about saying they should NOT be a main workout unto itself as they lend themselves more to showboating than form – they DO build some serious strength if done right.

Plus, some around here demand courses which give ’em that – so I will!

But for the most part, one arm – or two finger – or maybe one finger work is where it should stop for most people.

Unless you want to be that levitating Baba, hehe.

Literally, it’s hilarious, it looks like an invisible string behind the scenes lifting the guy up.

And these moronic Tik Tokkers love it … (and think it’s real fitness).

Stick with what you’ve got in the no nonsense course Pushup Central my friend.

Not only is there no other course out there like it, but it will build a lifetime of strength, health and conditioning most can only DREAM of if you DO what is said there (and in any of my other courses)


A certain Pooja just asked me “Sir, how did you lose so much weight!”

“I’m not so thin now am I”, I cackled back. Always fun flirting with her! (as is the reverse, hehe)

“You’re perfect now”, she grinned back, that vixen like GLINT in her eyes!

It’s interesting chatting with, she’s canny as ever, knows her customer, those sly knowing eyes, that realization knowing she’s trying to fob stuff off on to someone whose been selling – legit – from a very young age, anyway, as she yells outside – at least she has half a brain. IT’s fun to talk to her! (at times, anyway).

And I told her how, but she interjected with “let me cut some more spinach up for you” and then proceeded to tell me what I know already, the health benefits etc.

I laughed.

“Yes, you’re right”.

“But” and I winked at her belly – if you eat TOO much of even a healthy thing, it’s gotta go someplace.

And thats the answer, I Told her, why I dont buy “daily” from her, hehe – or I’ll turn into what I used to be in 2010 (Which of course given my bodyweight workouts back then were still stellar is most than what most fat fuckers could do – but hey, I was fat, no bones …)

(made about it, I mean, hehe).

Anything in excess is never good, my friend – that includes taking things to extremes in terms of “no arm pushups”.

Now selling to excess, she does that – but hey. Like she said, it’s a matter of “eating” for her, hehe. And I’d rather that than a lot of men who sit around at home doing exactly F all letting women bring home the bacon, thats just downright pathetic to me, losers with ZERO life basically. Ugh.

(My paternal grandmother’s father was apparently this sort too, so I know. UGH!)

Perhaps the best thing about the 0 Excuses Fitness System other than it being the best damn bodyweight course out there “nothing even comes close”?

Well, that it’s safe, sane and SENSIBLE …

And that alone, given the lunacy and hypocrisy raging in every corner of the world should be a welcome throwback to saner times, perhaps thats why I attract the sane customers that know in order to get true knowledge, they must pay the price – and happily do.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way – thank you!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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