Is looking young “creepy”?
- Interesting!

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A white knight recently responded to something I posted on Twitter – in response to a girl (somewhat well known) saying “she got carded at the bar, then she showed them her Wiki page or something, and they let her in without being carded, and she’s ordering drinks now”.

At least you look young enough to be carded, I laughed back.

At the age of 19, yours truly once grew a long beard and was never carded. Useless law anyway I think!

Anyway – at the age of almost 42, when people call me 26 or so, I dont really get carded any more.

Thats because I always have SOME stubble on the face.

If I dont, all bets are off.

Anyway, I didn’t even post that. I just posted the first part about she’s looking young enough to be carded.

Some girl replied.

Then deleted her tweet.

White knight jumped in saying “he’s part of her target audience! Anyone that follows her is creepy!”

Girl replied back.

“NOT creepy”.

White knight shut up real quick. HEhe. Probably an idiot liberal too …

Anyway  – that aside, my workouts certainly not just keep you looking young, but feeling young which is the entire point – the entire shebang, the entire creepy or not ke …

And today I put out more “keep young” videos – one focusing on grip and pull-ups and doing them RIGHT on thick bars.

Source (for those on the text only list) –

And, one detailing a DIFFERENT sort of knuckle pushup I have NOT covered in Pushup Central as yet – which will SMOKE the “front shoulders, deltoid”, whatever it’s called, you get the drift.

Source –

You’ll want to check these out NOW.

And remember, the videos along with the manuals are FAR more exhaustive than the free youtube videos I put out, so if you’re thinking you’ll learn all I have to teach from the youtube channel ALONE – you’re wrong my friend.

They all need to be worked on TOGETHER, not seperately.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – So much to teach, Im just getting started – stay – TUNED!

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