Jump Rope Mania – and squats reign … SUPREME!
- Always! Hehe.

Man I gotta tell you two things – one I knew – always –  living in the flow is what it’s about!

When that flow dictates you wake up on a cold wintry Sunday morning, way colder than what I thought – yours truly of course is in his usual “thin” sweatshirt – while people around me are swathed in layers of clothing (and of course every idiot under the Sun must come to me JUST when I’m filming videos!).


Anyway ….

That flow dictated I make a video about something I ain’t done in months – something I wasn’t even sure I could do right off the bat.

Something I never thought I could do 500 or 600 of after not doing them for months.

Something which is a great conditioning tool – and exercise – used by champs, boxers, wrestlers, old time strongmen and such down the ages – something I recommend you do daily for a bit, something that will WHIP your ass into super shape … that something is?

Not necessarily pushups, squats – and the rest – it’s JUMPING ROPE!!

I wanted to film a short video on this this morning and put it on my channel for y’all to take a gander and see me do it – after months of not doing it – WITHOUT a single warm up – on a cold morning – and moreover, after a lot of roadwork over the past few days which has left my calves for one INCREDIBLY SORE.

Despite being called “Rocky” yesterday, the Advanced Hill Training roadwork started back up a few days ago as well. Hehe.

In the meantime … ah, but we’ll get to that later.

So, while filming?

I was shocked – and amazed – right off the bat.

I did a 100 without even feeling it!

So I decided – in the flow – THIS was the time to do up ONE of the workouts I’ve been meaning to do for Jump Rope MANIA! – the paid download – or purchase.

I thought I’d do 500 jumps (easy peasy ones) and then 100 pushups, or mix them in (Which is what I recommend in the book along with pull-ups, dips, squats and a lot of other stuff).

And I did – except I ended up with 600 odd jump rope reps, 50 odd squats, a bit of stretching for the legs – and 100 odd pushups. Hehe.

So that video is being uploaded NOW as we speak.

It should be up pretty soon for sale…

And, with this one – there will be TWO videos – one showing me doing what I’m doing now – which is the basic jump rope workout (which will kick most trainees advanced or not in the CAN anyway) with a lot of pushups, some basic, some not – and the next one will be me doing both basic and advanced jump rope reps – and with other exercises perhaps – perhaps more squats – and more pull-ups and such.

We’ll see.

For now, two things.

Naturally, the price will go UP on this once I get this video up.

So you’ll want to hurry and place your order now before that happens.

Two, more importantly, just how the heck did I get that many reps in without jumping rope, something (amongst everything else that does not come naturally to me) that is very tough for most people to do continuously for reps?

It does not boil down to anything other than two things –

One, squats, and lots of them daily.

NOTHING beats squats my friend.

Like I said in Squat 101, if you ain’t squatting, you aint training (and half ass movements dont do it either).

There’s other things you can do – jumping rope – stepups, running hills, climbing hills, hiking in general – walking – roadwork – all excellent things to do for sure.

But – squats – NOTHING AT ALL – I repeat, nothing beats the sheer up and down motion and conditioning you get with high rep squats, and the leg and lung work – NOTHING AT ALL!

And if you do them like I did while jumping rope – whew. Watch out!

(and there’s a reason EVERY – virtually – EVERY serious trainee throughout the ages, strongmen, athletes, boxers, wrestlers, EVERYONE – does the squat, and ferociously at that if they’re serious about any sort of real fitness – and does it a LOT).

Squats, my friend, are truly the Mecca and Medina of Leg training like I said in Fast and Furious Fitness.

My friend was questioning me on why you have to go “ass to grass” as opposed to the nonsense most teach about “its for the thighs”.

No it aint either. It’s a full body – specifically CORE movements – and it does more to build abs and reduce weight than a lot of the other fancy rubbish out there.

The LOWER abs are where most have an issue, and this type of squat – and others I teach in the book really targets that area in a NON – ISOLATIONIST manner.

That was the gist of what I told him. He needs to know it! Hehe.

Maybe I’ll see him soon today.

You know, I’ve got my OWN workout – which is 100 pushups, 50 pull-ups, dips and roadwork planned in addition to what I did during this brief 15-20 minute burst today – additionally, a short video on basic jumping rope as well which will involve a few reps – will be out very soon as well on Youtube.

Stay tuned for that.

And in the meantime, well, thats that.

Off to my tea – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No “paid videos” for Dish Delicious as yet. Like I told Helena, that’ll happen if and when the wife ever gets in the mood to do so. Hehe. Till then, enjoy the others!

(We’re starting out with vegetarian stuff to dispel this myth that you “need meat” to grow muscle – no you dont. Any sort of sensible or even not sensible diet will do it if you train hard, but there is NOTHING at all wrong with being vegetarian – many people are – and training hard, hard – HARD!

Look at Herschel Walker, bread, soup and salad once a day with chicken occasionally!

And many others too.

That said, I’m a huge meat eater – and that will be there too (as in the recipes in the book – stay tuned!).

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