End of the year REPORT – and the BEST damned birthday present I could ever have gotten

As I sit here, or pace around the room, full of energy, thinking about my workout, I was recapping the year in my mind.

It’s been tumultous – full of surprises, and even for me, well weathered and used to challenges that would put most seasoned men “under” if you get my drift – I’ve had my fair share of challenges this year.

Yes, you dont hear me whine about them – even when people SAY it.

Yes, you dont hear me complain about it.

Because end of the day, boyo, Winners dont complain – they, as Sean Connery said so aptly in “The Rock” – go home and fuck the prom queen. Hehe .

Same here. I’ve fucked more Prom Queens in China, the US, and globally than I care to count – but take what he SAID – and ANALYZE it before whining about stuff that doesn’t really matter like notches on the bedpost.

He meant winners just DO – they find a way no matter what.

If you truly want it, you’ll get – by hook or by crook – come what may – you’ll survive a 1000 disasters – and so forth.


And as I write an email to John Walker (one of my best and most loyal customers) wishing him a very Merry Christmas, I also told him to let me know which book he  wants next – and prefaced this by saying this one aint about sales or profit.

As I’ve said so many times here, he handed me the best goddamned birthday gift I could have hoped for on Jan 4, 2022 – which was an equally tumultous day for me.

He noticed at that point something virtually NO-ONE else did – and pointed it out in his own inimicable manner – that I was slipping fitness wise below my own lofty standards.

True, what I was doing back then would kick most men in the can regardless, but the bodyweight exercise Guru sets very high standards for himself, BROOKS NO EXCUSES – and gets after it no matter what.

Find a way to get me down, you’ve just given me ten ways to SHOOT PAST PERSONAL BESTS.

That, my friend, is exactly what happened in terms of my immediate family who did all they could to do exactly the above in their own manner – and net result?

We all see it. Hehe.

(At a certain point my “death” or “demise” was apparently on the cards as well according to these loonies)

But either way, as I do my recap …

Business wise? In one of the toughest years ever since the 1980’s – we not only formally incorporated this year (which has been a dream for me since .. I dont know, 2010??) – but we also took our infrastructure, site etc – to new heights altogether.

We were brutally trolled and shot at every “round about” – or corner.

We hit back, hammered the idiots, and kept GOING – rising.

As I sit here thinking of sales and such, first thing that came to mind was John Walker so I wrote to him, telling him “this one aint about sales”.

It’s about returning the favor – about giving him a gift a year down the LINE – after I took what he said as CONSTRUCTIVE Feedback (most would throw a hissy, indeed, even he did not know how I would react!) – and blasted past personal bests – and – proved what he said was true “I think 2022 will the year you get in your best form!”.

Note he didnt say fitness only. I asked him. He said “I meant every word of what I said”.

Overall, with “my work ethic and discipline” …

And he was proven right.

And since I first did the thing, proved him right – well, I’ve got the RIGHT to now offer him a product – just “something he would love for christmas” – no other angle, and that is truly the bottom line. Hehe.

We’ll see which one he chooses!

But, he’s been going through some tough times financially – so I wanted to bring it up – and on that note?

Some of you DOERS have been going through tough times as well – hey, lets face it. Reality bites!

And remember, for you DOERS (not trolls or idiots) – our doors have always been open, they will always stay open, so write back in that regard if you need “help” with purchasing products you’ve really set your heart upon (look, end of the day, my products are a piece of my own heart I give to you if that makes sense!) … (lots of you have added to cart, not followed through, and so forth). . .

We did the bulk discounts etc last year, but with trolls all about the place even back then, hehe – PERSONAL is what works best, so write back, TALK TO ME – let me know – and we’ll go from there.

Remember, communication rules the nation.

Anyway – fitness wise, as I grow older, I’m called younger.

I look it, I feel it, my rep counts prove it, I’m even doing newer exercises now than my “step up galore” days , hehe (hill climbs, sprints etc) which is something.

My ROADWORK has gone to new levels altogether.

I realize there are those that claim “post 40’s one needs to start slowing down because joints etc can’t handle it”.

Maybe for some people.

For true doers, you keep going like ole Clint does, hehe – until the day you pass and even then.

And that, my friend is that – end of the year reviews are something I highly recommend you do (I dont know if I put it in Zero to Hero, but a version of it IS there) (as well as in 0 Excuses Fitness, Fast and Furious Fitness etc) … in ALL Regards as well.

Life, fitness, everything my friend.

Take stock, if you’re not or below where you were last year, you’re messing up – no excuses – so take action – rectify – and blast on up again!

When your back’s against the wall, friend, you dont just fight.

You ROAR like a tiger – or lion, hehe – and you dont just fight.

You come out fighting to CONQUER AND KILL!

Some of you need to hear this – so it’s been said now.

And it’s very true.

Do that review, get back to me – and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As a buddy tells me “Rahul, I perform best when my back is against the wall”.

So true, Vincent. I couldn’t agree more! Heh.

Merry Christmas, Ho, ho, ho! (pardon the Brown Santa, hehe) (hey, insert color of choice!)