Hindu pushups vs regular pushups 101
- A somewhat different argument. Hehe.

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Now, I knew there was a damned good reason I named Pushup Central what it is, and not 101 or 102, years down the line it’s evident!

Much like what I said about Squat 101 in the last email, if you haven’t read it, DO SO and watch the video too. Much required for everyone! (no matter what level you’re at).


Like I said in that last email, the fancier exercises like “Hindu pushups” or squats (PS – if there was more proof you needed in terms of “originally it all came from India”, there it is! these exercises were part of ancient Iranian, Persian, even Chinese culture, but all came from ancient India – not even Tom Tomming there, heh) get the due – and place under the sun and this is great, they have manifold impact, but every time I hear people go “they’re just regular pushups” in terms of regular pushups and such?

I laugh out loud.

You saw my video of me training Prem, my friend – from India, from the Punjab, certainly from that area where they do these all the time.

Get him in the regular pushup position, well, you saw the result. And he ain’t the only one either.

Look, the arch in the back with Hindu pushup is GREAT – LOTS OF PEOPLE need it, and more!

But if you OVERDO anything, with hundreds of reps daily – and don’t do equal work on the other side of the body – I’ve been guilty of this in the past -then you have the opposite problem.

Hell, even me, Mr Pushup Central – I often notice myself with a very slight arch in the back occasionally while doing pushups – more than the natural normal arch in your back which should always be there!

Now, the argument is different in terms of regular squats vs bodyweight.

Hindu pushups are MUCH better for hamstrings than regular pushups ..

But the regulars tax the shoulders – and CORE specifically – and … the CHEST in a way Hindus cannot.

Hindus, again, of course, are great for the upper back!

My point is simple – dont ignore either one.

Do both – do them daily, do them for high reps, !

And theres more in the video.

Fuck, dog. I was going to head out to the park NOW , but I gotta do the video first, I’ve got Wifi here, and 5G is spotty at the park. Here goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Back soon!

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