200 pushups, diamond pushups- and more!
- I knew it.

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I knew there was a reason I’ve been rocking out between 200-250 pushups over the past few days in addition to all else I’ve been doing (50 -70 pull-ups daily for one).

And while watching Top Gun (Maverick) with the seemingly ageless Tom Cruise, sunglasses and all in tow – that sound familiar guys?? Hehe – you see Tom aka “Maverick” – an ace pilot training rookies (albeit extremely talented) for a mission that is pretty much tantamount to “suicide” so tough and improbable it is.

“It’s not the plane”, he keeps telling the students as they simulate fights between 5G fighters and ageing F18’s.

It’s the pilot in the box that it all comes down to!

So true, my friend, and when disaster struck at the end of the movie, that is what it all came down to – MEN in the box seat vs machines, and man will ALWAYS come out on top if he THINKS right in those situations – or, more accurately, as Cruise keeps saying throughout the movie (which i can relate to!) – “dont think! DO”

Hey, I’ve ‘done’ in the flow all my life!

Anyway, during the the movie the trainees are told “either pass the test or do 200 pushups upon return i.e. either Cruise “loses the bet”, or they do”.

Turns out you see them all rocking out pushups sweating beads on the tarmac. Hehe.

But its a great number, 200.

“damn, thats a lot of pushups” one of the pilots remarks.

It is.

But even if you do 100 a day, my friend, you’ll get in great shape -and you’ll stay there and before you know it, you’ll gravitate to 200, 300 – and more.

Some fools have remarked “it gets boring beyond a certain point”.

The sheer impotency and lies behind those words – clear as daylight.

It can get many things, but boring ain’t one of them!

Anyway, tricep sizzlers aside – a note on diamond pushups.

I remember my friend Aaron telling me in college “look at them nikkas, chest as big as gorillas!”

And he wasn’t a small guy either himself. Hehe.

I remember him telling me to do pushups “like this” i.e. diamond, which seems to be all the rage in terms of triceps development, but I got this to say – done right?

You build the CHEST a hell of a lot more than the triceps with that movement!

Which, I’m sure is music to everyone’s ears reading this – “bro”!

On that note another one of those videos with the “more famous than me” sunglasses-  –

I can’t quite seem to locate the other one on diamond pushups, but this’ll do for now!

BAck soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups, my friend, are old school, HARD CORE, and will build abs of steel and a core “from Cain” if done right – get on them now, and STAY on them forever. Get Pushup Central, which is by far the best course you can invest in on pushups (remember, tons of great instructional videos, bonuses etc with the digital purchase!) and start banging them out NOW.

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