“Disappearing belly” splits that hit every muscle in your body and some you never knew you had.
- MY!

This afternoon while knocking out 330 pushups, I did some splits in a style that can only be described as the Rahul Mookerjee “sunglasses split” workout. Hehe.


Not really, but the way I took the video on youtube, so it seemed!

But while bending backward, forward, in a circular motion, all sorts of way – I felt muscles in lower and mid back work like they never had before – muscles all the spine – all ignored muscles, muscles that work when you do the back bridge -but NOT in the manner they do when you do splits.

Its different.

Do ’em right, and you’ll see.

And thats just the basic “on the ground” splits, I’ve got so many more variants of the split in Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Truly, I felt so profound I did not want to get out of the splits at all.

But I did eventually, and standing up, I felt … well, HIGH – on LIFE!

I also felt something strange.

Along with my lower back which was hammered, something odd was happening around the stomach region, I felt it … and?

Nothing was there!

No, it’s not Ravi Shastri talking about Shikhar Dhawan during a cricket match and his fitness and therefore core “there’s nothing there” (meaning guy’s lean as heck).

It’s me trying to feel my stomach … and it .. seemed to have gone back by 2 more inches!

Not that my core isn’t lean anyway. But damn, that was a workout and a half, and when I Came home later, I felt my upper abs – rock solid in a manner I haven’t felt them feel like in a LONG time – not even THIS time.

There are few better core exercises than the splits.

Core, lower back and overall body – combine with pushups etc, you’re truly on your way to a Corrugated Core.

Anyway – thats the tale for the day.

Back soon … and remember to pick up Pushup Central NOW.

Advanced Plyometrics as you can tell is on the way too – place the pre-order for this as many of you have before the price goes UP (which it will soon).


Rahul Mookerjee

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