You can only see how far you’ve come when YOU GET THERE!
- And, a key factors stopping a lot of people from starting to lose weight.

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Other than big bloated muscles “fat loss”, specifically around the tummy, ass and chest is by far the #1 “wish” most people have when it comes to fitness, right?

OK, everyone knows about conditioning, strength, the theory etc, but what do we all really want?

Lets face it.

The lean, mean, carved corrugated core look – even if you’re aiming for bulk (without fat) – that look inspires – no two ways around it.

Chicks dig it too … thats precisely the sort of looks chicks prefer.

but anyway – when people are fat – out of shape – when they look at themselves in the mirror, even the nuttiest of nutjobs that claim publicly “they’re big not fat” – or “we have different body types” and such – KNOW what the facts are deep down inside.

Not all of these people are lazy (a significant portion are, and so they never get anywhere regardless) – some of these people actually have good intentions for themselves.

But, despite them having the imagination to know what “could be possible” – they’re too scared to allow the little voice inside to tell them “maybe, just maybe – it COULD be possible?”

Case in point being dude who keeps complaining about “wanting to do pull-ups”, yet never practices.

He hangs for a sec, despite all the encouragement I give him, it amounts to nothing because he wont put in the hard yards, because – well – he has no motivation to do so really and motivation is ultimately something that has to come from inside.

It also pales in comparison to PERSISTENCE – and DISCIPLINE. There’ll be days when you feel like shit – do you got it in you to go out there and just do it anyway?

Thats the difference between winners and losers in life – in any sphere of life.

I was no different from a lot of people when I was phat – and a lot of things at the time including being “happily married” (which I would never ever want again – an illusion of epic proportions designed to destroy men is what it is – and men buy into it) – doing well overall – working a stable job (sometimes) – and many other things, but FIT I wasn’t.


Yes, but only “lifting strength” – ie I could probably lift a fair bit – for a BIT of time. Haha.

Much like people tell themselves nowadays I sometimes did the same thing “oh, its OK”, “oh, girls like big guys too”, “oh, I’m strong – what does it matter if I’m a bit fat” (hint – I wasn’t a bit fat – I was WAY overweight, except I couldn’t see it myself!!) – and so forth.

Difference between me and the herd, I have always listened to two things over all.

Gut feeling, and inner voice.

I never let either one of those two be drowned unlike most other people.

I had a hard time believing and never even imagined I’d be the fitness phenom I am today pumping out 500 pushups daily for months at an age where most give up at HALF that age these days (what has the world come to eh? Ask gruff ole Clint for one…)

But, that inner voice led me to the right decisions ultimately.

The grind followed.

And the results ultimately came.

But it all starts with the mind, a mindset, that inner voice.

If you listen to it, you might well get somewhere – if you aren’t a cheapass who wants everything in life for either minimal effort or free – and if you aren’t afraid of hard work.

My programs only work if YOU DO, my friend – everything in life works that way.

And back to it – when I  look back at pictures “from then”, it never amazes me how out of shape I was back then and how normal I thought it was.

Sad part, thats what phat people think for the most part, that “its normal, nothing to be ashamed of”.

sorry, pal, but letting yourself get way out of shape IS something to be very ashamed of, it shows you dont value the most important asset you have in life – your health. and your fitness, the two go together.

sure, its your CHOICE…

But, it’s not good regardless. And its pathetic the way people justify it and molly coddle themselves, and let me tell one damn thing from my experience – molly coddling doesnt work my friend.

It doesnt, period, just look at kids these days – compare them with when WE grew up.

We were the exact opposite of mollycoddled, no?

yet, look at kids around with a host of mental health issues, obesity problems and so forth.

I dont think they’re in any way equipped to deal with the demands of the real world, I’ve been saying for years now that molly coddling is part of the issue, and parents are finally starting to wake up to this fact too.

It requires hard talk to get someone to acknowledge facts that might be painful to them – to most, it would seem “insulting”.

Sad part is, these folks dont realize the insults they’re hurling at their own self day in and day out by staying out of shape and making all sort of excuses to cover it up.

I’ll tell you one thing though – thats why I have my phat pictures on the covers of some of my books.

Such as the beginner level book on pull-ups – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Or, Shoulders like BOULDERS! 

Battletank Shoulders! – and Pull-ups – from STUD – to SUPER STUD within WEEKS! have the super fit me.

So, you see what is possible.

If i can do it, anyone can (provided the words “lazy” and “slacker” dont exist in their vocab, excuses as well).

Trust me, when you get down to brass tacks at your goal – say 500 pushups a day – and you can do 0-5 now ?

When you’re pumping them out 500 a day, neither will you ever want to go back to the unfit days, nor will you say “I was fine back then”.

You will look back and say “God, how the hell did I ever get that out of shape!”

You will also realize that if you never made the journey, you wouldn’t ever get to the point where you knew – with proof – it was – is – POSSIBLE!

And thats when true realization comes my friend – comes full circle at that.

Now at this point, if this makes sense to you – youve got two choices.

One, flounder around for years trying to find the best ways to get what you want fitness wise. And then maybe, maybe, finally find the right way IF you’re lucky.


Learn from someone thats been there, done that, been forced almost to perfect his art at a level very few can begin to match – someone thats been on both, all ends of the spectrum, someone who most importantly understands that it’s as with everything else 99% MENTAL .. someone who can motivate you when required, but also bring you down to earth with a few sharp words when required -someone who can keep the fire burning in you if you LET it … someone, who in short, is known as the Bodyweight Exercise Guru for a damn good reason.

Last, but not least, let’s finish off with this …

Hello Rahul

Years ago there were some advertisements on tv for Stella Artois which stated that the beer was “reassuringly expensive” i.e. you knew the beer was great because it was priced accordingly and not some cheap garbage, which is a great way of saying you get what you pay for.

I believe that your products are the Stella Artois of Physical Culture and they are “reassuringly expensive”.

Listen to this boys and girls, you cannot put a price on knowledge, if you want the knowledge you have to pay the price whatever it is.

If all you can see is price then it would appear that you’re not thinking straight, when does the cheaper something is equal the better it is? You’re trying to buy knowledge like you buy potatoes by the “pound” i.e. the more you buy the cheaper they are, this is erroneous thinking, if someone offered you a brand new Rolls Royce for £5,000 straight away you’ll be asking yourself what the hell is wrong with it, why is it so cheap, I know I would be.

Rahul Mookerjee’s knowledge of Physical Culture is without peer and if you want to acquire that knowledge then I suggest you pay what he’s asking and if that’s too much for you? Then that as they say is “life”.

Rahul, keep doing what you’re doing, I for one greatly appreciate it, thank you.

Warmest Regards


That wasn’t me saying it either …

Bottom line – get started on the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW, my friend.

Trust me,  a few months on this, or even ONE month, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come if you do what I say religiously and dont make excuses.

And thats that, my friend.

Live life “truly fit”.

its the only way.


Rahul Mookerjee

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