How to do one arm pushups – and one arm floor humpers, hehe.
- And more!

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Long overdue this one, and a brief shirt off tutorial – and some “shorts” too (no, not my Pajama legs rolled up in the warm sun outdoors) – for today!

Before we get into that – and obviously given the title of this its about one arm pushups –  a few things.

First, most of you will be too enthused upon seeing one arm work ‘finally’ be covered, and a lot of you are going to jump off the couch and try what you see right NOW.

Nah – dont do that, my friend.

Not unless you’re ready for it, and being ready for one arm pushups means you can knock out at least 25 in proper form and cadence (and breathing) – at the very least do 150 odd pushups per workout – and some other things, including having your TUMMY at a reasonable “size” if you get my drift.

It ain’t no fun falling flat on your face – this sort of pushup is even tougher (what I show you) than the regular one arm pushup.

Believe me, I’ve had nasty injuries from weight training – even nastier ones from bodyweight only, the thumb crack “in and out” (ouch!) while doing fingertip handstand pushups on a cold January in China remains one of the top most painful ones – so i dont want YOU to do these until and unless you’re ready.

Second, and importantly.

These are GREAT movements for building strength throughout the upper body – back, arms, upper chest, triceps, all of it.

But due to the sheer nature of the movement, how tough they tend to be, and form being different on most than from regular two arm pushups – word of warning – or “advice” – please do not, as I’ve said in the past, rely upon this for your primary means of conditioning.

Please do them by all means – but remember, nothing beats regular two arm work.

Even if you’re aiming to be Bruce Lee, or better – who could knock off tons of one FINGER pushups in one set – remember even he would tell  you his conditioning came from two arm work (in that regard).

And not everyone is aiming to be Bruce Lee …

That said number three?

Trolls, fat people, unfit people and such will naturally whine about “but we dont want to do that”.

Or make some excuse for not being able to do one arm work.

Which is fine, but they have some serious strength benefits – in terms of muscle – and also supportive tissue/ligament strength, not to mention BALANCE.

Much like the one legged squat I show you in Squat 101, you should aim to get good at one arm work – but never replace regular pushup strength and conditioning workouts with “purely one arm” work.

That said, video updates for today –


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and thats how it should be!

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

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