Want a workout from hell? Lets moooooooooooooove!
- So many memories there too!

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As of late, I’ve been doing some moving and packing- for the wife.

I packed the daughter’s toys into boxes securely in preparation for an impending move – which is supposed to happen in March, middle of March apparently, so I think all involved are jumping the gun  (indeed, my Mom started packing weeks ago – but then again, she’s got YEARS of junk to sort through hehe) …

Last night, I was carrying tons of cutlery up and down stairs, going downstairs with it was more interesting – not because of the weight (wife said it was heavy – I asked “this? Heavy? Whatever!” – to which she replied “you’re a wrestler, thats different!” lol) – but so the damned things, whatever they are, vases and all kinda shit- did not BREAK.

Heavy and fragile is a good way to put it, I suppose!

It’s been reminding me of the all the times I’ve moved in my life – more than I can recall, more than I can count …

In the dorms back in college, I’d have to move every time semester was out – since I didnt have an apartment or home to go to at the time.

I still remember shacking up at Motel 6, calling an Uncle from a phone booth on the highway – him calling me a wolf with my lifestyle, which I sorta was. Hehe.

Then when I finally moved into an apartment, a year later it was the move to NY.

Then the move back.

Then two moves to two different apartments, then a move to India. Six months late,r a move to China. 1.5 yeas later, back to INdia, and …

well, you get the drift.

Moving – carrying heavy suitcases up and down flights of stairs – boxes – packing – I’m no stranger to any of that.

I dont particularly enjoy it but it is what it is.

The one memory I’ll always have of moving though – my ex, and her Dad. – her Dad, actually.

Good ole Dr Lamar, even at the ripe old age of nearly 75 I believe he’d be at it, jumping up and down with enthusiasm “at getting the job done”.

Lets move, move, move……..!


Emily used to joke about that all the time “Dad’s like this always!”

Well, with a nutty wife and quite a temperemental daughter (that once kicked him square in the nads too) – he had no choice.

Percie was a great guy though- big hearted, always did his best to help me, and for that I’ll always respect him. I was young and wild back then (not that I ain’t now) – and had even less sense than I do now, hehe – but he put up with it. Kudos, Sir – I know you’re reading this from “above”.

Lupus took the ex in 2020 and covid Percie that same year…

Anyway, the moving.

Percie and moving will always be synomous in my mind, he moved a hell of a lot too!

And driving Uhauls or learning to “on the job” as it were (I Still remember the first time taking that big ass truck out on the highway – I had this habit, and stil do, of looking back to reverse the car – like Percie did, hehe – old fashioned, but hey, I prefer that to the gizmos and gadgets in cars these days that tell you how to do it electronically – but with a  massive truck, not quite an 18 wheeler, but truck nonetheless, you gotta use mirrors. Hehe). . .

Anyway ……….

Moving’s a SOLID workout my friend.

If you did nothing all your life but carried heavy, unwieldy stuff up hard to maneouver flights of stairs – you’d be in great overall shape!

I still remember when I was paid to do it by a gentleman at Bond Hall, I got $50 for an hour and half of effort (moving stuff up 4 flights of stairs or maybe a bit more- but he had a dolly, it was easy).

Given I used to make like … what was it? $4.something in the computer labs (min wage), that was good money for me back then. Hehe.

I still remember tucking into the Albertsons’s chicken (is that brand even around now? I suspect not) heartily that evening , telling my parents about “I earned me some money” and so forth …

Anyway, that went down pretty well with them, telling them about the time I wanted to donate blood to make money apparently didnt … HEhe.

Where am I even going with all this?

I could write a tome on the moving memories, the amount of times I’ve done it, and I’m pretty sure a lot more awaits with my nomadic lifestyle.

But for now … fitness memories.

16 Inspirational FItness Recollections has some of the best, most moving, and most poignant ones ever. Even if you’re just into reading what I write and enjoying the writing from the Cave, hehe – you’ll want to get this NOW.

And other than that, the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which keeps you in the sort of shape you need to be in to move all of a sudden. Believe me, weekend warriors get found out pretty quick there!

I still remember ole Percie strapping on a massive fridge to his back while moving, since there were no other guys around to help… (I remember the story my ex told me, I should say).

My, the days …

Those were the days!

And more await. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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