100 and counting …
- And way more to go!

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It’s day one… yet … always!

They say the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Boy, for a guy who for years had like 11 subscribers on his Youtube channel, steadfastly swore off any and all videos except the paid ones – and even there there were not a hell of a lot as opposed to NOW – things sure have changed, and quick.

Things can change on a dime my friend. People dont get it. It’s that one thought that when followed through upon counts, that one glance which really penetrates deep – a few words, or even the vibe which really gets things going.

This afternoon, I got a notification from Youtube about something I knew already – we’ve reached a 100 subscribers already within a couple of short months on the channel.

And the email was like “time to shout from the rooftops!”

Not like Mookerjee needs an excuse to do that? He does it all the time?


But it just capped off a great morning replete with plenty of emails and club swings, started a great afternoon off too!

We Instagrammed Live – we Youtube’d too – and though I was going to do Twitch as well “some things must wait”.

Plus, some shameless buffoon was staring holes through me as usual.

I spoke a tome about this yesterday, I spoke another today while doing my splits.

How fuckin shameless can some people get? First thing you know, being in a public area does not , I repeat, NOT give you the right to get in people’s faces, follow them like dogs all over the place (the dog does it, I get it, but humans???) – and stare away while the other person is minding his own business trying to do something – when called out, they dont respond, crowning stamp of buffoonery, shamelessness, and idiocy – I was calling him out on livestream with folks on the chat listening and the guy wouldn’t stop staring.

What an ass!

With people this shameless, there are two options.

a) 9 mm if you get my drift.

And b) move away. Which I did, but the fucker followed me over the place for a while before finally bailing. Ugh!

Other than this – lots of fun both on our Instagram and Youtube channels, so check ’em out NOW.

And here’s to a lot more fun down the road!

Came home to the wife demanding me take the daughter out for chocolate or something, daughter spent a little more than she was supposed to be – like less than a quarter more???? – and the wife started tripping …

such is life.

And thats that.

Pushup Central contains info central to what you saw on the livestreams today – along with Squat 101 and 0 Excuses Fitness, must have’s on any serious fitness enthusiast’s bookshelf.

And thats that!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. (Edit) – Same thing (being shameless) about the copy artists, trolls etc who can’t stay away from me despite being booted, blocked, called out and more. Hehe. But hey. I love you all. Gratitude was the tone of the day today and is everyday – and being YOU help me make $$$ too – hey. By all means, keep at it! 😉

Some people, sick as it might sound, love and get off on the punishment.. so be it.

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