Mountainous traps, power hitters, and MORE!
- There's more to this than most people think ...

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While watching Mitch Marsh smack it around like the best against India the other day – I gotta say something I’ve often said – again.

In Battletank Shoulders, and many of my other courses, I give you the IDEAL physique – a true Greek  God like physique, and I am NOT talking “me” either by that.

The X shape is not just the one that is most attractive to women (sorry guys, those bulging chests ain’t gonna cut it with a massive belly) – it is by far the strongest  – leanest, and most functionally fit and STRONG – which most guys want deep down inside.

Whatever they say about “we’re big but not fat” – EVERYONE wants that X shape my friend, thats a fact Jack can’t deny. Hehe.

And that shape is literally an X shape, the upper body and lower making an X, and in the case of the upper body, something you see with ALL truly strong and fit men?



Now, this is NOT about bulk that a lot of the fatsos and gym goers Tom Tom.


It’s lean TRAPS – with LENGTH that extends like MOUNTAINS – sinews up till the EAR, almost it seems like!

It’s NOT a bulky chest – its a chest PACKED with muscle like I’ve been told I have (I do – so can you)

The overemphasis on bulk (in most cases to hide a rampant belly and FAT on the frame) that most guys lay – is where you get found out – and what leads to your downfall, friend.

It’s about slim – corrugated – and STRONG AS HECK.

And watching powerhitters hit in cricket is just one example.

In cricket, you can either TIME the ball perfectly to send it soaring miles into the sky – former India captain, as diminutive as any, and not the fittest by any means is a perfect example of this.

Then, you have POWER hitters like Mitch Marsh, Chris Gayle etc.

Then you have those like  Kevin Pietersen who truly COMBINE the two – in a manner very few folks can.

Look at all of these guys – except the first.

All tall, lean as heck, striated massive forearms and traps, packed chest without it even being visible – and a lean, mean, corrugated core – sort of exactly like a person who is called the “bodyweight exercise Guru” has.

YOU too, my friend, can get it – if you DO the thing, and stop whining bout price, “quality of photos” and everything under the sun (true, there’s plenty of doers that DONT whine about it – but there’s some reading this that will, this is directed at THEM). . .

Follow what I do, my friend.

Follow what I say.

And DO IT without making excuses, do it regularly, and you cannot go wrong, you literally CANNOT put a foot wrong.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lean and mean will ALWAYS outshine bulk ultimately. Fact, Jack…

And to get traps that extend into the air, almost, and all the above characteristics, getting good at pull-ups done RIGHT is key.

Literally the golden key, no pun intended.

Most people learn how to do ’em wrong, if they can ever do pull-ups for reps at all, big mistake.

Learn from the bodyweight exercises guru right here.

Once you learn the basics, progress via the course HERE.

And of course, never ignore pushups.

As the recent review said. (Pushup Central)

Great book and audiobook manual for pushups and fitness in general

Creatively written and assembled resource for learning how to do pushups PROPERLY, and also many diverse variations of a classic exercise. I appreciate the author’s style of inserting his personality and experience into the exercises and recommended workouts. This could be a go-to guide for many fitness trainers, such as cross fit coaches, high school or college athletics, martial art studios, and the like. I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book and/or audiobook. Note to prospective readers, there are many DIFFICULT exercises, but plenty of beginner-friendly exercises as well. Highly recommend for all audiences and levels of athletes and trainees.

Sage – learn how to do it right, or not at all, you’re wasting your time if you dont learn from this book to be honest and frank with you, and that, my friend is THAT. Back soon!

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