Confessions of a troll and more …
- Some insights from yours truly.

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I was reading something online – an interesting piece in the Sydney Morning Herald – about an “infamous” or famous, depending upon – hehe – troll “Jamie Cochran” I believe.

Now this is a lady and a somewhat attractive one at that. Hehe – but there are men going around by that name too, all “infamous trolls” apparently, some no longer “with us on the physical plane”.

Beyond the usual Bozo Schofield comparisons (aww, they’re really sweet little kids deep down inside, the trolling is just FUN!) and other nonsense, what I really found interesting was something I know already – and use to great financial benefit for myself – the IMPACT it has on most people.

Most people get angry, emotional, and go to extremes to counter this – in some cases, committing suicide, even.

NOT even kidding you – Glyn’s victims are a perfect example of this.

What I found interesting and had a chuckle at though?

It all seems so juvenile, infantile and childish.

I dont just “not fear” trolls.

I dont just welcome them.

I lay out the welcome MAT for them, yes, Freddie, the “hui gwai” in China, hehe – those girls welcoming us to the massage parlors! 😉 (my pinyin is WAY off there).

People get offended about the slightest little things these days, and of course, the trolls take advantage of this – big time. Even when it wasn’t this sensitive and politically “correct”, trolling existed – either online or offline. It’s human nature, there’s idiots and morons out there everywhere, yet, the REAL idiots and morons are those who let themselves be AFFECTED by it. Hehe.

There’s a line between pointing out facts and trolling.

If you call a fat phock a fat phock, and nothing else, you’re being brutal about pointing things out, but thats it.

If you however keep trying to “incite” the person (which I’m pretty good at admittedly if the person deserves it, hehe) – with related barbs, under the table insults and so forth – then it crosses the line into trolling.

And if you take it off the field, then the troll is, in my opinon, a fair target to be hammered with anything you so choose.

Lady in question doesn’t believe in taking it off the field. Some idiots like Glyn do. But key thing is, my friend, this …

I’ve been attacked so brutally in all regards since early childhood that the “winner in me” had a choice.

Either WIN – or SURVIVE until you do – or do both.

I’ve lived my entire life this way.

And in order to do that, you have to figure out how to LIKE what it is you cannot currently battle against upfront – if you can’t.

From Nazi feminist women to trolls, yours truly found a way to LIKE it – and then profit from it – and benefit at the very highest levels possible.

Sometimes, the indirect methods work the Best.

And this my friend can be applied to fitness too.

Figure out how to LIKE doing 100 pushups a day when 10 is a chore, and once you do – you’re off to the races.

Thats but one example …

Anyway – thats that. I look forward to some trolling, by the way, on the price of the books which will stay AS IS – and I also look forward to some more great reviews, as you know – we have been literally DROWNING in positive reviews (as we should) as of late, and thats just GREAT!

So says poet Mookerjee, indeed a writer and a fighter as the lovely Cindy said.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll want to check out the videos the lovely cindy did for 0 Excuses Fitness. I didnt film myself massaging her post filming though.

Relax, tho – NO hanky pankey there.

IN her own words “we’re pure friends!”.

Are we ever, Madam?

Hehehe…. ????

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