“A must read if you want to get super cut and FAST!”
- That could be said about all of our books!

This, of course, could be said about ALL of our great books and products – they will ALL get you “cut” – and fast, as Melani Brown says in her latest review.

She’s a lady that does 45 pushups a day religiously, perfect form, and is aiming for more – which is way more than a lot of men do to be honest – kudos lady – you’re a champ!

And, while all our books will get you cut – and fast – when you look at “Shoulders like BOULDERS!” – or Battletank Shoulders! – or, PRofound “70% Gorilla 30% Handstands“, “ripped” isnt the first thing that comes to mind now is it?

It’s bulk and STRENGTH that does – and tone yes, no fat, but not “ripped”.

Yet, oddly enough, some of these workouts will have you more ripped than anything else you can do – including famed exercises (rightly so) like hill sprints and so forth.

Here is what Melani had to say about Shoulders like Boulders! – 

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read if you want to get super cut and fast!! AND, you can start immediately with this guide!

Reviewed in the United States ???????? on March 22, 2023

This simple secret is out!! It’s practical advice from the author who is living proof of the results!!

I love how all the review are, as a customer John Walker once put it “short and sweet” for these books, because the books themselves are that too!

Power packed, short, brief, as another reviewer recently said Rahul doesn’t fill his books with FLUFF.

That I don’t, my friend – either in real life or writing which is the same in both cases.

5.0 out of 5 stars Bodyweight does not mean easy, but this guide helps!
Reviewed in the United States ???????? on March 13, 2023
A lot of exercise books sprinkle their story and why you should listen to them inside the workouts, like a Pinterest recipe. Rahul adopts a no-nonsense guide, and the workout chapter is just about the workouts.

There are some serious workouts contained in this book. My back and shoulders were sore just reading it…

And I’m indeed living proof of the results.

So can YOU be my friend, if you drop the excuses and do the thing.

Handstands are one of the best ways to get shoulders like boulders – we all know that – to build UNRIVALED upper body “Brahma Bull like” strength.

But what most people miss about this is the CORE training you get from handstands.

Simply holding a handstand for time – not even a full one – can leave you red faced for a few minutes, not to mention give you the sort of core and lower back workout you CANNOT get from any other exercise – holding yourself upside down naturally requires strength in the core if you do it right!

And its one of the best ways, when you combine with pull-ups – to get a RIPPED, solid body – and a functional core like never before – and the reviews pouring for this book, which truly reveals the SECRETS to getting better – superlatively so – at handstands and handstand pushups and all related – are more living “proof” of facts already in front of YOU my friend.

Napoleon Hill once made mention in the preface to Think and Grow Rich about “I could tell you what the secret is right now, but it would deprive you of much of the benefit youd get if you discovered it for yourself”.

Its such a simple secret its out there in the open, most ignore it … “too simple to work” but the simplest things are indeed what WORK – and the best, and most SOLID!!

Same thing with Shoulders like Boulders!, my friend – indeed a POWER PACKED MANUAL you will NOT want to miss!

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee