Start your day off with 50 pushups
- And thats the message!

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It’s key not to get hung up on numbers – all the time.

It’s also key to NOTE numbers – the right way.

And on that note, when the mercury is touching record highs (and lows too apparently) – my long workouts out there in the park doing 500 pushups are a thing of the past – for now.

I still do 500 pushups at home – sometimes.

As of late, I’ve been doing something I haven’t done EVER in my life – which is to start my day off with nothing but pushups.

I don’t do 100 necessarily.

Somedays I’ll do 90, most days 50 – and then I’ll do workouts along the way (remember those “mini workouts” throughout the day that I made popular initially, and now since COVID damn near everyone has jumped onto the bandwagon??) . . .

But if I had to choose a number which you dont necessarily need to be a fitness fanatic to do either – its 50.

Make those 50 really count though.

Do a tough type of pushup.

Or, do easy pushups – in one set (like I did this morning – 50 pushups in proper form in one set with the right breathing).

Or, do what Melani Brown does daily 15 x 3 – perfect form.

Key is this, remember not to DWADLE while doing them and keep breathing.

The key is to get your heart rate up – quick.

It’s all well and dandy to have long distance running goals and such, but as a certain excellent narrator working for me David has found out – those short, intense workouts do far more to strengthen the body and aid in recuperation than the long drawn out workouts he also engages in (he recently told me he fits my definition of a “pavement pounder” to the T. Hehe).

Kick start that system RIGHT, my friend.

Not with caffeine, not with LSD (not the drug either) – and not with whiskey either, hehe. (ok, I started mine with a dash of vodka this morning, but thats certainly NOT what I do daily!).

(and that has more to do with eggs and Tabasco than anything else) …

And that, my friend, is that.

Pick up the very best fitness system out there – beats everyone else by a country mile and then some – the 0 Excuses Fitness System. If you’re STILL not on the 0 Excuses Fitness train, I dont know what you’re waiting for, friend.

And remember the courses making waves globally, kicking people’s RUMPS into shape faster than anything else I’ve ever taught – Squat 101 and Pushup Central. Yes, they both go together, no, there is not a compilation of them – as yet, at least. Maybe down the line, write back if you’d like to see it, hey, thats another idea for another superlatively GREAT product like NO-one else out there can or is or will deliver…

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember to check us out on Audible HERE. And remember to download the app, a link to which is there in ALL The emails you get!

PS #2 – Although it’s key not to get hung up on numbers, it’s equally futile to NOT get hung up on numbers. Do at least a 100 pushups daily, my friend – if you can crank off 500 per day, then you’re getting somewhere, but 100 should be a very bare minimum, if youre not cranking that many out daily, chances are you’re NOWHERE near as fit as you could be, if at all. Start TODAY!

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