“Terrific Resource for core training”
- And it is!

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Over the last few days, those of you on my Youtube channel have been treated to nothing short of SUPERLATIVE – the usual exercise content as yet, but lots of delicious FOOD AS WELL!

The foodies amongst us – including yours truly are well used to the calls of “glutton” – albeit playfully said, hehe. And “getting as big as a house”, and so forth – I remember my friend Rueben once saying that about eating too much of that good ole Louisana style Cajun food!

My wife was saying much the same thing about needing to slow it down a bit, yet looking at me, lean and ripped as well, you wouldnt guess I’ve been gorging on a bunch of heavy meals as of late, not to mention drink a lot of that BEER as well. Hehe. (and some liqors too).

Lots of parties going on as of late, and yet, the core stays as corrugated as ever – lean as ever, mean and hungry as ever, what gives?

Well, 500 – or at least 250 pushups a day is part of it.

I’m not quite at 200 pull-ups/day as the wife was joking about – hehe. Maybe someday, but I do crank out quite a few of those daily too!

If thats all YOU did everyday, you could eat like a horse daily and never worry about gaining weight, but Ive got more secrets and aces up my sleeve than most people – fitness fanatics included.

What are these?

Well, read Corrugated Core, and you’ll know!

Before that, here’s a great review on the book from David Quiros, whose “really getting to know me and the way I train now” (in his own words) as he reads all my books one by one!

5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific resource for core training

Reviewed in the United States ???????? on April 5, 2023
Similar to Rahul’s other work, I found this manual to entertaining and a terrific guide with exercises I could do with ease, those I have no fear of attempting, and everything in between. Great resource for general strength of core that translates to endurance and strength training athletes alike. Can’t wait to for the audiobook to be released!

And there it is, my friend.

There it is.

To get that lean, mean core we ALL Want (lets face it, more than bulky show muscles) and that X taper to your body EVERYONE wants – get this course now, and start cranking on them exercises today.

Write back – let me know!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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