The sort of person I want NOWHERE near me – and on my list (and neither should any successful or “wanting to be” successful REAL business person
- Amen

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The latest widespread CULLS I executed on my email list, my friend, had quite the impact.

Some people wrote back with snarky responses, some wrote back with simple yes or no’s (which I truly appreciate – thank you!) – some with “you’re an asshole!” (yes, that was one response I got, the same idiot who values Netflix more than his fitness or life apparently) – some asked “why”, some asked …

ah yes.

Why indeed.

I’ve covered this many times before, of course, all boils down to that cardinal law that only serves me BETTER as I “progress” in life. (and years).

Remove that which you dont want from your life with faith that something better will come along – and do so permanently and without fear, and ATTRACT what you want in your life – sometimes SO quickly that the results will boggle your mind.

Put it another “Un Secret” like way (although what I told you above is nothing like the tripe discussed in “The Secret”) … Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

I’d say it has a COMPOUND and opposite reaction (see Emerson’s Laws of Compensation on this).

The Universe rewards you/penalizes you based upon your thoughts and actions (one leads to the other) – with compound interest, and that friend, is a fact as clear and simple as daylight which I know fully well most people will ignore, but to their own detriment.

Bearing all the above in mind, you probably get SOME idea why I’m so quick to block people out of my life, sometimes it scares even me.

On rare occasions these people get back to me and do something that allows them back in – very cautiously on a “test” basis. But for the most part, once gone, it’s only a good thing and then Some.

That said, the Law then says that if you repel/remove those you do not want – the types mentioned beneath- then you very naturally on auto pilot attract the opposite, and here, without futher ado are the “types I dont want, need, or desire anywhere near me” (in other words, if I see this sort on a busy road, I’ll hare across the road to cross it to avoid shaking hands with that kinda person).

(This has been discussed before of course, this list will likely expand too with time, but for now…)

One, perhaps most of all, “bumps on logs” who sit on the list, and do nothing at all.

Even asking this sort to reply back with a simple yes or not is too much, such is their couch induced torpor (this sort made up the majority of the almost 2K folks culled off the list).

Let alone actually READ what you’re saying – I can just see the dumb, glazed over “huh” expression. Ugh.

If I want a bump on a log I’ll go to the forest…

Two, the whiners. Not necessarily just about price either, this sort always finds something to complain about, point out “some perceived negative” about something – and it’s usually these nimords who’ve never actually done the thing they’re referring to or critiquing.

Arm chair experts (idiots who talk about fitness when they’ve never been remotely fit in their life) – posers that masquerade as fitness expert when they’re too portly to do a single pull-up, let alone in proper form – idiots with man boobs dripping down to their mammoth midsections talking about “how I lost weight this week” – nutjobs claiming “dont body shame me” when that sorta tough love is PRECISELY what they NEED (if not want – I remember Aunt Dahlia telling Wooster that too, hehe “what you want, my dear boy is one thing, what you will get is quite another!”).

Three, the price wankers – obviously. Ugh. The sort who value Netflix more than fitness, curiously enough, give these wackos a discount, and they’ll still find an excuse not to buy – and then they’ll come back complaining about their problems they couldn’t solve, when you tell them “this product will show you the way”, they hem, haw, balk …ugh.

At least dont whine about your problems if you’re not willing to take the steps required to solve ’em.

More on the above lot, you could discount a product down to $.99 and they’d STILL spend an eternity thinking “is it worth it” – not so when going bottoms up at the local pub though, or “keeping the Missus happy”.

Fourth, the sort that never has any money, lives off family/relatives and so forth, does exactly nothing to improve their lot in life beyond moaning about inflation and how expensive things are (get over it – thats the case for everyone my friend) …

Some of this lot – ugh. I can never figure out why folks email back saying they’re interested in sales etc going on, then do exactly F -all to accomplish the goal being talked about.

Fifth – lazy Tik Tok addicted buffoons (and there are a LOT) who believe in a couple of seconds “short” workout, and claim that brings results (it doesn’t, the proof is there for all to see, but … ugh).

Sixth, Bozo Schofield and his ilk, ’nuff said on that one.

(ok, I lied there. Hehe. I do kinda want him and his trolly sort around if just because of the dollars he brings in, again on auto pilot – hehe).

(and he does the cleaning and housework too – LOL. Gets rid of roaches too from what I heard, and if you have a non functional washing machine and are looking for free Netflix style entertainment and soap operas right down to him throwing beer bottles off his 11th floor balcony while ranting about “how I took a dump in class” – or some other nonsense – ugh – then Schofield’s your man, when he isn’t “ass up” thrown out by Chuck on the streets of Jieyang in China..)

Seventh, lazy phocks who’re unwilling to do what it takes to improve, always looking for the easy way out, making excuses about body types and other nonsense (“look dude, if you’re out of shape, you’re out of shape, its that friggin simple”) …

Eighth, wackos that complain about taipos – and I meet plenty of these, and I make sure to put more tai-pos into my communication with them – really, idiots that have no clue of “living in the flow” (admittedly one doesn’t want something full of typos, but the odd typo here and there especially when its EXPLAINED to them, and they still complain – ugh).

Ninth, nimrods who think fitness books are beauty paegants and Boo-zos wanking about “why he keeps wearing the color red”.

Tenth … Folks that live their lives for others. An admirable goal “in theory”, but it never works in practicality, and these types are always frustrated big time inwardly, and it shows. (they’re usually also the armchair critiquers offering so called advice on stuff they know F all about, the clowns that think “You tube University” teaches us all, and so forth).

OK, thats it “for now”- more later most likely. I could probably think of a 100 more!

Admittedly this “disclosure” may result in more people voluntarily leaving the list.

And guess what, thats a mighty fine thing as well, because if you’re not on board with all of the above, you dont deserve to be on the list anyway, and I dont want you on it!

And thats that.

Back soon – and if youre looking for the RIGHT way, cutting past all the BS to achieve whatever goals you have in life for yourself on auto pilot – then Zero to HERO! – and Gumption Galore are the tickets for YOU, my friend – grab ’em now if you’re a doer and even remotely serious about improving your life.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Please dont email me back about the sale which is almost over now asking me to do up a coupon when you’ve got no intentions of following through – that will only get you removed from the list. Might as well just say “remove me” and I will, no drama or fuss…

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