What a lifeguard had to say about the 0 Excuses Book Compilation
- And theyre some sage words indeed!

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A long time ago, The great Doug Hepburn used to work as a lifeguard on the beach – and he used to stay in shape by doing sets of handstand pushups all day long during his stint at the beach.

He likely did other styles of pushups too that aren’t that much talked about, mostly due to the big man’s prowress at handstand pushups (notice “big man”? Not “fat man”. There is a difference folks that I’ve gone hoarse explaining, but nutters who dont want to understand never will..)

Doug has gone on record stating that while he DID do the benchpress and lifted weights etc, the strength for those “world record” lifts came from the bodyweight exercises he did — namely, the handstand pushup – and all its variants.

Over the past few days, Roberto – a reader – who feels so close to me now that I term him a “brother from another mother” – he truly enjoyed the book so much you can HEAR it in his voice! – sent in a great, great review on the book.

Roberto is one of those guys whose communication has really hit home from the get go, every time I communicate with this dude, “something wells up” deep inside … Only those in the know will understand what I mean!

And here is the review –

Nicole Berrocal
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Zero equipment FULL BODY FITNESS at home

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2023

Best regards,
Roberto Berrocal-Pujol

And thats a great review for the 0 Excuses Book Compilation, isn’t it – nigh true, encapsulates all the salient helpful points of the book SO well via personal experience.

Amanda, a narrator for the other business once reviewed a product there by saying my personal tales and stories, honest appraisals etc – are what other than the excellent info in the books, really make the readers “bond” with the author.

And she’s spot on – so is Roberto!

Hi Roberto,

Thank you so much for those heart felt words – they mean a lot, and I truly do appreciate it!

Yes, thats one of the main benefits of 0 Excuses Fitness – you need very little if anything in the way of equipment, and you can easily “fit in” between your work schedules etc – I often do! They call them “sandwich workouts” these days, but I’ve been championing this idea for years, and it’s good to know people are finally starting to come on board – with the rapidly deteriorating health and fitness levels everywhere, much required my friend!

And there was a lot more I said, not to be mentioned here …

To end – think about how this can help YOU.

I’ve been championing the idea of “brief workouts” for years now, it’s only now that the mainstream has caught on. And with exercises like in my books, you only need 10 minutes or so really to get in super shape.

You can do more, or you can spread it out in segments over the day.

Waiting for the bus to show up? Do 50 pushups while you are!

Waiting for Win Blows to reinstall? Crank out some clubs while thats going on!

In the park though you dont really want to be? Well, lets do some pull-ups while we’re at it!

And so on and so forth – THAT is the main idea behind all of this, quick and dirty workouts that get YOU in the best shape of your life, and you STAY in that shape too if you keep DOING.

Pick up the above books now, my friend – make this Sunday the BEST Sunday ever in a long, long time by doing so.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The list has had another cull – that being “flakes” who say they’ll do something, or are interested, then never get back. Sorry folks, not the sort I want on the list. This one was a smaller cull, but I think around 400 folks are gone ..

Request and again, if you’re on the list but never wish to purchase anything – PLEASE write back and say “no” or “unsubscribe” or use the link at the bottom of the email, and we’ll do it for you. We aren’t here for excuse makers, we’re here for DOERS that want to get somwhere in life. If you don’t, then thats on you – but please- nice please – leave this “here neck of the woods” in that regard, thank you!

PS #2 – Be sure to take advantage of the SPECIAL offer at the very end of this page Products (0excusesfitness.com) – you’ll be getting a $1000 value for less than $500. Another 50% off, doers – take action NOW.

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