This foolishness of “everyone is falling sick!”

In a word, frigging dumb, stupid, LOSERS!

Now before you jump on me for saying that – hear me out.

Over the past few days, everyone “around me” is sick apparently. The wife. The daughter to an extent. The family otherwise. Her maids. Possibly their maids too.

In fact, my “girlfriend” as the wife so sagely and perhaps rightly calls one of the gaggle of maids she so loves and hates both – sage(ssly) pronounced that everyone around her was sick too.

No doubt a precursor to taking off without informing the employers (which these “maids” – I use quotes for a reason, these women are more like entitled prima donnas than the “submissive maids” people expect ) …

Either way?

Yours truly heard the same thing with covid in 2020.

People dying everywhere, and all this other bullshit, yet, for some odd reason, I have never worn a mask in my life, never taken a goddamned vaccine, never eaten a diet like the so called experts tell me to eat, and – well, yada, nada, schnada (hell I even smoked a cigar the other day – no, I dont recommend this regularly, but just sayin’) – and I’m in the best shape of my life, just getting better.

There’s odd days I feel off.

I either rest – or I work out even harder. Like with me, no “in between” only extremes – and guess what, pal.

RESULTS are what count.

In every area of life, mine show – big time.

And they show for the “losers” out there too – wait a minute, why did I call ’em that?

Well, due to one common thread.

NONE of them exercise.

Curiously enough, the maid who proclaims “everyone around her is sick” – is NOT sick herself.

Curiously enough she’s in superb shape for her age, and doesn’t hesitate to show herself off (maybe thats why she’s my “girlfriend”?) …

Hmm – common thread, anyone?

Idiots reading this won’t see it.

Lazy phucks won’t either.

Complainers, whiners, moaners, entitled Nazi feminists, and Bozos won’t either.

I mean, lets be logical  – if everyone is falling sick, then WHY is the next logical question no?

They’ll respond with “weather changes” and “strange weather” and global warming.

Well, thats tough shit, pal – thats the case for everyone, much like idiots who keep whining about self caused (man man) inflation which was on the cards for years for those of us like yours truly who could see it. Man’s thoughts cause it all, period.

But all that aside, how does a person like me with more “disadvantages” than most people find a way to not just survive but THRIVE in any situation?

The mind, my friend – as well as my fitness system

Of course, that will result in a lot of people shouting “who does he think he is”.

and at that point I say “idiot” internally and walk away.

Can’t argue with those facts tho folks – well, I take that back, the Bozos above will anyway.

And I’m not interesting in responding in those monkeys that will never get it despite logically laying it out for them in spades and such.

But for the select few of you out there that DO GET IT, well, I’m here for you!

And thats that from me.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Indeed sad what the world has come to for the most part, yet, some of us PERSIST.

PS #2 – Some people expect the System to work magic. It does, yes – but it only does so according to the Laws of the Universe which state “you get what you put into it”. In other words plonking down a few bucks and expecting the world to rotate acccording to your whims will not work my friend.

Invest, and then DO what is said in the System, it’s THEN the magic happens. (or starts to).

A long time ago Freddie made the comment when he hired me “I dont expect him to work miracles”.

Smart guy. Their entire system was so broken it would require an entire team of engineers to fix it, as opposed to one “engineer – manager” as it were..

Same thing here, my friend.

WORK at it assiduously, daily, and you’ll soon get to the point you’ll start seeing results, and often CUMULATIVELY …

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