What most believers in astrology/numerology get WRONG.
- Destiny may be pre-ordained. It may not be. But, ...

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Destiny may be pre-written, depending on your belief.

FACT, regardless states you can CHANGE that.

Tell that to the hordes of morons and fools who worship the bearded pards and so called idiot “gurus” saying no, it’s “pre-written” in your destiny.

They’re not entirely wrong.

They just disguise the fact cleverly, and make money off of fools ie SHEEP.

What do I mean – well this.

Numerology and astrology (I’m a huge believer in Chinese astrology to an extent – China zodiac signs etc – its not for nothing they call me half Chinese, hehe “liger” or half breed, lol) …

… all of this has SOME scientific – or should I say factual basis.

That being this- over the centuries, wise folks analyzed certain INHERENT character traits, personality traits, modes of thinking one is born with, and IF that person does nothing but follow that “natural” mode of thinking regardless of their goals, well then that is when “destiny was pre-ordained and written”.

What most people fail to get?

Is this – it can be changed.

Via hard work, via thinking, via plans, via a combo of all the above and faith and persistence mostly.

Proof? A Donald Trump, maybe whose entire life has been a dichotomy when it comes to his so called success paths and what not.

Yours truly, same thing.

Any real achiever – same thing.

So many people just look for excuses for everything, and astrology falls into this example – I’m having a bad day?

Oh, Saturn might out of whack.

I’m not making money despite what I do ?

Oh, it’s bad karma, or “a bad time” …

Dont get me wrong, the Laws of the Universe apply regardless.

But you wont find it written anywhere in them Laws, (Emerson’s Laws of Compensation is a great read in this regard) that you cannot change your destiny or even that its Pre-written.

IF you do, write back – let me know.

If not, if you’re part of the smart group – analayze your own life, your own actions, when things worked for you, when things were up for you and when not, and get back to me.

You’ll find as w/all I say, there is a hell of a lot of TRUISM behind this.

That my brother, or sister, is that.

Remember, work the 0 Excuses Fitness System assidiously, and if you’re looking for practical tips to get ahead in life that actually work, not just mumbo jumbo “based upon intangibles you cannot control” talk – then invest in Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore now!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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