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This morning, I wrote a very heartfelt email to Amazon – “the only real friend” I can count upon (and it’s very true) to deliver no matter what.

I realize a lot of people reading this will call me an utter fool for saying it and waxing eloquent in a two page letter to Jeff (or/and team) – so be it, but what I said is every bit true.

I ain’t gonna get into that here, but I’m a guy, that has always followed his heart, done things from the heart, always “dil se” as they say in india “from the heart”.

It counts.

Life, business, relationships – all function on trust and feeling.

Long story short – Amazon understands this ( I know that sounds idiotic, but it isn’t).


The point of this, while I was thinking about things, it came to mind.

There are idiots out there who complain “high rep bodyweight workouts” are too easy, or too boring, or do nothing but add “endurance” (what the phuck – is that a bad thing even if it that was the only thing it added? Look at idiots everywhere complaning about falling sick all the time, it would seem to me that (practical science aside) some of what the “Energizer Bunny” got (keep going) is what they NEED, even though they dont know it! – or maybe they do, they wont admit it as idiots are oft NOT TO)…

First thing you know, these idiots have never DONE 500 pushups – or squats. Lots claim they have, but if they’re saying the above, or anything related, they have either never done it or done it right, period. Fact, as Glyn Bozo was fond of saying. Hehe

Ask any doer, you’ll see they say the same thing.

I’ve said it about squats before, but with pushups, its nigh impossible unless you’re Bruce Lee who could reportedly do 1500 straight pushups to knock out 500 without a break daily – or at all. I can’t do that many in one set, I’ll tell ya!

But as you progress through the sets, 50, 25, 20, back at 50 or even if its set of 10 and 15 – you’ll notice one thing.

You get into a TRANCE.

All else stops mattering.

The world stops spinning.

It’s YOU AND THE FLOOR, a CONTEST you must COMPLETE AND WIN “mano – o mano” – PERIOD – macho like nothing else, PLAYER TO PLAYER, NIKKA TO NIKKA, and so forth -and John Walker who once wrote about Pushup Central with a nigh superlative review will understand this.

Many of you reading this will too.

Its you, the floor, life stops mattering as you crank out the reps, one after the other.


Ask Iron Mike Tyson, ask Jean Claude Van Damme, ask Ken Shamrock, any real DOER!

You get into a trance.

Things flow to you.

Problems melt away without you making them do so.

You achieve on auto pilot – combine with everything else I say, and VOILA is all I can say.

I could end this with a huge Middle Finger to the idiots who jibe about “he does 500 pushups” but I wont.

Mucho love to all of you – YOUR HATE has got me where I am today!

and that, friend is that. Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Pushup Central today, truly, as a reviewer recently said, “the RIGHT way to do pushups is taught here” – and its a course that can be used by EVERYONE, martial artists, boxers, the daily Joe and Jane, kids, everyone!

And, you’ll get in SUPERLATIVE shape very quickly with pushups and progress to more – TRUST ME ON THIS! !!!!!!!!!!

Back soon.  – Rahul

PS – Folks signing up our PAID newsletters are leaving rave reviews too. Andso they should, if you think you’re getting something here, you should see the paid ones! more on that soon.

PPPS – The above benefits are magnified by a factor of at least FIVE when you do ’em on fingertips. Why? Do ’em, you’ll quickly see why GRIP Training works so much more than the grip, it auto works the BRAIN like nothing else (or few others things) do!

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