Do BOTH fingertip pushups and regular pushups
- that goes double

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Double or nothing, eh? Wel,l not really.

But it might sound strange given what I said the other day about – or the last email about fingertip pushups being the Mecca and Medina of pushups – they are that, btw.

But thing is this – though they blast the grip and build strength in a manner nothing else will – including farmer’s walks, pull-ups and so forth and kettlebells, clubs – all that is great, should be done – but these build grip in the opposite direction – cannot be replicated! – they don’t tax the body the same as regular pushups do.

Now, that dont mean they don’t tax the body in an intense enough manner. Of course they do, and anyone that claims otherwise is a fool that hasnt done ’em.

But they tax the FOREARMS a lot more – and because of the extra elevation, you might get more “dip”  downward, but they’re not as taxing on the triceps and chest.

I can’t explain.

Do ’em both, you’ll see – ditto for chair pushups, which combine everything the regular pushup and the fingertip pushup (if done that way) give you – but in a different manner.

For those still thinking “I can get by without pushups” you’re living in an utter fools paradise, or fitness world, whichever the case might be, nope, you cannot.

Pushups are the dig bog of fitness as mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness, and no, I’m not going to correct the occasional Taipo, I’ll go to the market to point it out even.

Tai Po market in HK in case you didnt know. Hehe.

Lots of Tai PO’s and pan’s there, NO pun intended.

Anyway …………….

Pushup Central was written with many reasons in mind none of which at the time of writing it involved sales.

Literally, not a single person said they wanted it – but none KNEW they wanted it, much like with Amazon Prime, it took time to take off, once it did, well…

The real purpose was to WHIP you, army style, into the best shape of your damn life, my friend.

And thats enough for me, if youre a doer!

Back soon – do BOTH styles of pushups, to end this, and every other I teach in the book and the ones in Volume Two.

Off to work on that, and Advanced Plyometrics!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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