A Blue Light Special Bo(o)zo reviewed 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections.
- Another one of these penny pinching jealous bozos.

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I’ve spoken enough bout these wankers and penny pinchers before, haven’t I?

They scream “price, price, price”, but the fact is this, they’re NON DOERS and utter fools who exist to troll and wank (perhaps both together) and like a certain Bozo Schofield wanking as he reads this, you could give them a product for free, and they’d still whine .

In came a review for the great and inspiring book “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections” – and this is more proof that I dont just post the good stuff, of which I have them in SPADES, but I tell you EVERYTHING my friend, including the one star reviews which this one was (bear in mind as you read, this idiot used a “free credit” on audible to get the book – not to mention the book itself costs like a buck or so – hehe).

But before we go there, a word on “Madam” (I gotta call her that, that VOICE – MY!) Prajakta Talele from India, currently in the US and her fantastic narrations for all the books she’s done for me.

My, that voice is nigh perfect, the Indian accent so clear, the American influence showing up sometimes, the way she NATURALLY mispronounces certain words, the way I urged her to leave her accent in, the mispronunciations etc – and best part, she took my advice on board about doing the other business too (hehe – although I didnt think she would, but yours truly does marketing quite well – enough said there. ????).

And I couldn’t help but burst into loud laughter when I heard how she pronounced Schofield. It was PERFECT! Hehe.

(as “show field” which given all the hockey stick slobbing he so wants to do – LOL . Perfect!)

Thank you, Ma’am – you’ve done a superlative job on everything, and like I said, there’s books in the other business reserved for YOU – though you said you wouldn’t do it as yet, you’ll do it soon, which we both know. Hehe. ????

Thank you! Thank you to ALL my great narrators, including Janet Clare – superlative again – and UBER PROFESSIONAL! – David Quiros – John Eaton – the list is too long to list here!

Anyway, here’s the review from the fool –

This is a collection of Newsletters written by the author. This is not an actual book. Regarding the audio, it was so distracting to hear all the giggles constant hehes at the end of almost each sentence.

I cannot help but chuckle when I receive these kinda review – no, despite what Bozos will claim, Im not going to have it taken down even if I could, which I can’t.

I’m going to promote it as another towering monument to “not quite Glyn Schofield level, but “def” (Chuck/K…actually, “K” uses that more – cute hehe) getting there” stupidity …

I mean, where is it written in stone that content in a book cannot be used in a newsletter, or vice versa?

Thats his main grouse. He probably saw some of it on my site, and he’s whining about “if it’s out there for free” “how dare he sell it”?

Well, gee whiz pal, I wrote the damn words, I dont see why I shouldn’t be selling em?

Further – I see no reason why every bit of writing has to be “original” like so many people think.

The writing itself does yes, but you can reuse, repurpose, repackage – why reinvent the goddamned wheel?

Bozos wont get it.

Bezos WILL.

Amazon didnt invent the post office to send out all those books, did they?


They used it – repetitively – do till this day.

More –

When you do pushups daily, is each style of pushup “new”?

I dont think so.

It might be different, each workout is, but I dont think you said “I did this yesterday”, so I wont do them today – or do you?

Repurposing is what the smart man (or woman) does – and the Bozos of course “love” it. Hehe. So do real doers…

This same stupid argument applies when people tell me “that info is free”.

First thing you know it aint. Info when taught by someone in the know is always different, and never free – second, if someone has actually packaged all that together into an easy to read format, I see no reason why he or she should not be fairly VERY well compensated for his or her work?

Do you?

I thought not.

I mean, I’d invite this idiot to find the newsletters I so called wrote that he claims I did and put it in the book… I really, really would, my friend, FIND it, post the URL, and then talk … HA!

I’d roll out the red carpet too, hehe. With giggles.

And that should be enough answer for this idiot whose probably too drunk to read it anyway …

Get the book now – you’ll LOVE IT MY FRIEND!

And thats that. Some serious marketing lessons in here for those that choose to learn as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The book in Digital format is available HERE .

PS #2 –  I SO feel the need to “giggle” a bit more. Hehe. There. I did it.


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