Why you can’t fake VIBES.
- I've never met anyone that really could.

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You can’t, my friend – its that simple.

Great marketers and chameleons, culturally or not – I can think of a certain guy named “Rahul Mookerjee” here – hehe – who “giggles” too – can put on different hats, coats and suits at will, almost. I do so damn near daily, I’ve been doing it all my life – hence my success no matter what I choose to do, because I play the part first either consciously or not, and then I DO the thing, and it happens. Simple.

Most that try and ape me fail because they dont get it, and wont learn.

Anyway, last night I was telling the wife about how she yells far louder than I do, despite everyone claiming (because she’s a woman – of course she’s right for these idiots) that “Rahul yells louder”.

I could say nothing, and they’d still hammer me. Hehe.

Fact, Jack – and she responded as I heard the next door neighbor respond when yelling loudly at 1AM in the morning (when her husband was arguing yes, but I could barely hear him). . .

“You boom like a foghorn!” (she used Hindi to describe it).

Now, that is completely untrue – if I really yelled, the entire house would have collapsed by now, given how rickety this place is anyway.

I’m being serious here.

But women, of course, try telling them that – but its funny – I then told her what she FELT was my VIBRATION.

And she’s not understanding that.

My vibes are so strong, when I dont like something, others think I truly hate it.

When I love something, watch out – that something is there before I can think “manifest”.


And though the wife is into following a ton of bearded pards who teach “vibes”, she didnt get it.

She made some silly jokes about the noise a vessel makes when it drops to the floor.


It’s vibes you FEEL when you talk to a person.

In the last communication, I mentioned “K” – Chuck’s (well, at the time) girlfriend.

When she was talking to me, I kept noticing how she “picked up on” Chuck’s way of saying “def”.

This isn’t about me and Bruce Clark back in the day discussing who was a “definite” or not (pothead. Hehe).

Its about the short form.

Chuck uses it, it’s “natural”.

she does, it’s “cute”, because it’s somewhat unnatural.

Chinese English is cute as well …

And “disguising something or trying to disguise it” does NOT work unless you’re a Master, or Mistress chameleon.

Even then, VIBES dont lie.

It comes across.

JCVD is a PeRFECT example of this.

He has a thick accent till this date, yet, look at him, you’d think “American”.

Because he doesn’t “fake it”.

It ain’t about accents, or anything else, or language even. Or even what you do so much as HOW you do it, what sort of FEELING you put into it.

Vibes dont lie, my friend.

And therein lies the key to most of my success, if you can pick up on it.

Watch the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, you’ll FEEL it.

I dont care how many new fangled gadgets come across, or “toys” (That was interesting Toy – Toyshika!) people invent.

Nothing will replace feeling and vibes – ever. Nothing CAN.

It’s how we function, its how the world functions in general, even without hearing or seeing the other person, you “feel” a certain something when you read something written by someone – and so forth.

Those who get it will, those who dont will not … so be it.

Ultimately its not just the cream that rises to the top, its the REAL bunch that do  – the “Cream” usually keeps it real.

Yet another reason why “poor paedo” Schofield (ugh, what an ass clown) gets found out each and every time despite the very convincing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde shows he puts on … Ultimately, he’s not real.

And there it stands.

And thats that!

Back soon.

Rahul Mookerjee


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