The Minimum – Maximum Workout
- have you tried it?

Quick one this, but might be helpful to some of ya’ll reading!

I dont train this way all the time, or a lot at all. But it’s an unique way to train, its a way to increase rep counts, really focus on forms and the muscles being worked – most of all, slow and easy “deep breathing” while doing the exercises.

I’ve found this to work great with both isometric and “dynamic” bodyweight workouts – or a combo of the two.

And it’s simple.

(I dont recommend training this way ALL the time – because the cardio impacts aren’t that great – but sometimes, or while training for cardio this way – YES, I do recommend it).

And it’s simple – do a max set. For me, I did pull-ups, and my max in good, SLOW form per set is 12 (though I can “go more” – but I take my “max form” as something I can pump out “even when exhausted in good form” as that is keeping it HONEST) …

… and min obviously 1.

And I did 35 pull-ups this way, and I’m fixing to go do MORE.

Can be done with pushups, and any other form of exercise you so choose. Try it, and write back with how you FEEL!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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