“I find it infuriating that after years of doing planks, pushups seem impossible …
- ... but then again, I thought I couldn't do situps till the last month!"

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So said Janet Clare, whose been VALIANTLY trying to do pushups and situps for a while now, and with the dogged persistence she’s got, she’s finally got situps down to a point -kudos lady!

Yet, pushups are still problematic.

Her daughter *one of them* is in ROTC, and can pump ’em out – no problem – so its a lot of healthy competition there! Hehe.

Now, I’ve gone hoarse sayin that while the plank is not a bad isometric, it doesnt even begin to hold a candle to the top position of a pushup – especially with someone sitting on my back – haha – or on your fingertips.

And it’s TRUE.

And the advice I gave Janet on this one wasn’t just to do that isometric, which she is most likely, but to progress slowly.

Do 10% pushups for two weeks, I told her, then 15% (lower a bit more) – and so forth.

Before she knows it, she’ll be doing full pushups -them tendons and muscles will be strong and flexible by then!

Trust me, a full stretch in the pushup isn’t always about MUSCLE strength alone though thats a huge part, TENDON strength and flexibility is an even bigger part of it.

Dont believe me?

Do what I did, climb hills and do pull-ups for years, get in great shape – then ignore pushups.

And you’ll feel it in the center of your back, in your shoulder blades – and the TENDONS of the shoulders the first time you crank out pushups again after a while.

Nothing replaces pushups, my friend, nothing at all, I’ve gone hoarse saying that – and nothing replaces them done in good form.

And BETTER form!

Always imagine you’ve got someone seated on your back while doing pushups, or maybe a jug of water that NOT a drop can spill from as you lower down, go back up.

CLENCH the thighs, like I say in Pushup Central! 

And, make sure the arms are as close to the waist as possible.

And there you have it, my friend.

Do pushups, do TONS of ’em daily – along with squats, a lot of ’em too!

And thats that for this one – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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