Pushups make you SORER than sore … and get you FITTER than you’ve ever been before!
- Man!

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Over the past few days, I’ve gotten back to doing 500 pushups daily – now I was cranking out 200-250 anyway before that, and then 500 before that – but now it’s back to 500 daily – but along with that, it’s MORE squatting than ever before – I’m SO ENTHUSED just listening to the Audible version of Squat 101 – the READER! (and Roberto isn’t even done as yet, hehe ) – I’m SO PUMPED, and so is he (see his earlier feedback) that unless I’m cranking out AT LEAST 500 squats daily, I dont feel right. HEhe.

As I told my daughter, if Herschel Walker could 1500 pushups and 3500 situps, and an assortment of other things as he gets “older” (quotes for a reason) – well, I can crank out a minimum of 1000 at something can’t I?

No excuses, daily, nothing about being sore, needing a break, or any of the BS people come up with in terms of excuses.

You dont stop breathing or eating daily do you?

(well, the latter – some of us smart ones do, but even then – you get my point).

If you sleep daily, brush your teeth daily with the same vigor, why wouldn’t you workout daily with gusto, making each workout TOUGHER than before?

Beats the mind, boggles it, yet lazy asses will find a way to whine and complain about high rep workouts, body types, and other garbage that … well, dude, end of the day, you gotta “just do it” hence the site tagline.

Anyway, where was I.

Ah yes, Audible.

As always, most people neighed and complained “it wont work”.

People want to SEE the exercises, they told me, they dont want to hear ’em.


I’m not saying they dont want to see or read, but we’ve covered those bases already, and continue to – and here’s something you might not know – sales of those books are taking off – big time – people LOVE the narrations (Janet, David, all of you guys – splendid jobs – they ALL took my initial feedback on board, moved on to bigger and better, kudos!).

And I can already see some of the other fitness “so called gurus” sneakily copying what I do and then whining about not being able to achieve the same results.

Try as you might, you can’t duplicate Mozart.

Or herschel Walker, hehe. Or Iron Mike. Or … well, Rahul Mookerjee!

Everyone has their own unique style, the MINDSET is key which most people do not have, and fail to grasp.

Anyway – I woke up and still am hours later – sorer than sore.

I only did 30 super strict pull-ups yesterday, but my back is pulverized, and my shoulders and lats are showing new mass and definition “under the skin” that haven’t been there even when I did the videos and books for Battletank Shoulders.


There is a reason I keep parroting the line about pushups being the BIG DOG of fitness, friend.

Plenty of people rail against high rep workouts (especially bodyweight oriented), yet, the truth is these people can neither do them right, nor have they ever done them consistently for any length of time.

Plenty rant about “bodyweight exercises just build endurance” – I’ve debunked this utter hooey so many times before I wont do it again.

Plenty whine about fatigue and being bored (losers basically with no focus whatsoever in anything – life – and their results show).

Look, listen to the doers.

Yours truly for one.

Or, listen to OTHER doers.

Herschel Walker didn’t moan and groan for not missing a single high rep workout for 30 years, and this was back BEFORE he became college champ and Heisman Trophy winner.

It aint what you do on the field, as Walker said. That’ll come. It’s what you do away from the limelight, when NO-ONE is watching you, there’s no pressure to do well.

Muhammad Ali said the same thing.

Boxing matches are won on the ROAD. Those long, lonely REPETITIVE hours of roadwork which most would call boring etc – yet, those get the job done (think what  I outlined hill wise in Advanced Hill Training and 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections).

Iron Mike didnt complain about doing 500 pushups after roadwork, and a full morning of sparring, exercise bikes and more …

And pushups, my friend – this fallacy people have of “too many pushups will overdevelop the chest” or other nonsense – BLAH.

Yes, maybe if you do just one kind of pushup.

But if you crack open Pushup Central and do the workouts right, you’ll find your BACK and lats are far sorer than you’d imagine with pushups, and LEGS too.

Yes, legs and core too – chest as well, but and again “but but but just pushups, how can that be?”

Ask Walker.

Ask Bruce Lee.

And so forth.

The truth is this, the doers do and get into the shape everyone wants to be.

The whiners, pissers and moaners piss and moan about everything under the sun and make excuses about why they cannot do what they really want to do (because a) they’re lazy – haha b) they’re lazy – c) they’re lazy) and “different body types” and other junk (I mean look, if someone like me for one with long monkey arms – a naturally weak grip, and a propensity to pile it on around the midsection if I dont take care of myself – that are the HARDEST for those looking to be pull-up champs can do pull-ups all day, why can YOU NOT?)

Next time you have a question about high rep workouts, ask the doers, my friend.

And you’ll get the answer you NEED To hear.

Might not be one you want to hear, but thats tough love, friend.

(Dont even get me started on Bozos that claim they’re big but not fat, and massive tummie notwithstanding they claim “she can beat me at sprints because I’m bigger”.

People think of utter tripe to come up with, dude, at least follow the laws of physics i.e. F = M x a, if that M is MUSCLE, then … ah, but why beat ones head against that WALL).

Pushup Central is waiting for you NOW my friend – get it, and start to get into the best shape of YOUR LIFE TODAY!

And thats that.



PS – No, it aint a proper pull-up until your chin is above the bar – if you cannot get it above the bar, you’re weak and FAT most likely. No, chinups dont replace pull-ups – they’re good, but they stress the elbows in an unnatural position we dont use much if at all, and bottom line – again – it’s PULL-UPS that will get the job done there, ask any DOER, you’ll see. Haha.

Janet Clare is doing superlatively well narrating the TIPS on pull-ups I recently put out – have a gander at those HERE.

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