When you’re a fatass, my friend, everything is a lot tougher.
- And it is. Haha.

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I dont even mean the SWAGGER that comes from having a slim, lean toned and yet “muscles rippling the under the skin like a tiger (as I got called the other day)”  … I dont mean the vibe, the mindset, the CONFIDENCE, the attracting results to you willy nilly without seemingly trying – none of that – all of that is worth a and several mentions yes.

But here, as I felt my entire body POP and CRACKLE like never before in the splits, I was reminded of several things.

one, my father who I dont agree with on anything saying one thing (which was admittedly him “not doing the thing himself, and then preaching to me” i.e. a bald man teaching me how to grow hair, sort of) …

“There’s no other solution. Less fat!” (edit, actually he said “lose weight” with a sort of weak smile and a shrug).

He was right. (though of course he never did the thing himself, so I never listened to him much like I never do fat and out of shape docs prescribing every medication under the sun)

An ankle that was SO swollen it hurt to even touch, I went for a run on it, next thing I know the wife was bringing out buckets of warm water for me to dip it in while I howled in pain.

I’ve written about that before, the idiotic doctor in India who complained about me taking my socks off to show him the ankle (wtf?) – and the moron who once turned away from Uncle Bob (Indian doc again) when he had the flu and went to her to get treated, and of course the wife complaining about why I Didnt give it back to the ole Doc, and if I HAD, well, he’d be flat on his back and I’d never hear the end of it either. Hehe. Some things just “are”!

Anyway ………..

Prior to that injury which happened out of nowhere, and went away pretty quickly within a couple of days thankfully – years ago, I was doing mini sprints on a hill.

I felt this twinge in my calf.

Yet, I did another “mini sprint”.


I could barely walk home with what I pulled – whatever it was.

I remember staggering home after the short drive back home, and the wife noticing it instantly.

“You hurt yourself!”

Now, both those injuries pale in comparison to my thumb injury in 2018 I’ve written so much about.

That icy cold night in Dongguan – wet and rainy on the top of the hill, deserted, me doing fingertip handstand pushups and the right thumb popped in and out – CRACK – with my full weight on it.

OUCH x 1000.

I still feel the pain and hear the CRACK – more of the latter – when I think of it, my.

EVERYONE told me to go to the doctor.

Get it splinted.

To rest the thumb.

That the pain would never entirely go away and return in winter.

And so forth.

My thing was basically grab an ice cold Corona that night at my Italian friends house (6’1″ ex army, ex wrestler – ex wrestler? Is there such a thing? Hehe) … who while giving me a web development project for him told me the same thing.

Wait, it was resintalling Winblows or something I think … can’t quire recall – ah yes, Mac.

Anyway – I did none of that.

Birthday was coming up in 2 days, there was no way in Cain I wasn’t doing fingertip pushups which I did.

Thumb healed in less than a week.

Pain reduced by 70% the next day …

Now, why do I bring this up?

Likely this last injury would not have healed if I was a phat phock at the time.

I wouldn’t even be able to DO what I was doing the next day. (other cases, it took me like  a week to get back to normal, and note, I wasn’t near as out of shape as what most people are).

Lesson is this – when you’re a phat phock, everything in the body is under much more strain my friend – your entire system is.

Including your ability to heal, recover.

When you’re in shape, the opposite.

And that, friend, is the lesson of the day.

Take it whichever way you like, but thats hard knock school knowledge that will come in very very handy if you so choose and let it …



PS – To learn how to do pushups RIGHT as a recent reviewer noted “Rahul teaches you how to do them RIGHT” – Pushup Central is your BABY. Get it NOW.

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