Workouts while on extended fasts
- Something I did not address before.

It’s something I do not believe I addressed either in the video I put out on this – or well, any of my earlier emails here.

And while it’s well known yours truly is well and truly DOGMATIC about his exercise routine (the discipline part – get her done no matter what) – and life in general, its also a very open secret that I do different things on the fly – lifewise, and workout wise, and keep accomplishing GREAT results.

The key is to TAX your body, my friend.

If you keep doing that, youll keep growing somehow – in some regard.

If doing 25 pushups is easy but one pullup is hard, if thats all you did one day, you’ll tax your lats way more than if you did just the pushups (which would tax you too, dont get me wrong).

But, on a fast – how far do you push yourself?

Well, my friend, the sky is literally the limit.

On day three, a LOT of you will feel “junk internally” starting to clean out if you’ve drank enough water.

Constipation from ages you did not even know you had will be released.

Your body gets a chance to HEAL and clean itself – not in that order on extended water fasts my friend. Eating is stressful on the digestive system.

On day four and five, you’ll feel surges of energy which are double and triple what you felt on day two , if not more.

Yet, how far to push yourself is a good question.

The answer?

As usual – per normal.

I don’t change a single thing workout wise on a fast. Yesterday I ended up with 110 pull-ups done throughout the day and a lot of isometrics.

Today, I’ve just done 15, but I’ve added stick isometrics in for lats and triceps.

(the day is “young yet”).

And if I feel exhausted, or if I feel like I need a nap, or break?

I dont care what time of the day it is – like a cat, I’ll take one.

I’ll BREATHE deeply. Your breath is indeed your power as 0 Excuses Fitness keeps saying, my friend.

And thats really all there is to it.

You might or might not choose to hit personal bests in workouts when on extended fasts. It all depends on what sort of shape and condition you’re in NOW – no, both aren’t the same thing either.

Do what you FEEL like – as an animal would.

Yet, never use that an excuse to be LAZY. As an animal does, do SOMETHING – all the time – throughout the day preferably or at least at one shot.

Throughout the day animal style works a lot better in my opinion – see the great course Animal Kingdom Workouts for more.

So thats it, pretty much the same as I’d tell you to do normally.

Enjoy, and remember, everything above is IF you’re in good (or decent) health. I obviously dont recommend this if you’re on your last legs or teetering on stilts or in the hospital bed or what not, or IV’s and such.

Sorry, but I gotta put that disclaimer out there like I do in my books – you’d be surprised at the nonsense people get up to.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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