“Hindustan me Danda hi chalta hai “
- Hehe

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That essentially means “in India, ultimately the STICK gets results”.

“Latho ke bhoot bato se nahi mante”

(Ghosts of kicks will never understand TALK).


These two things apply anywhere, actually.

When you put a BOOT to someone’s ass is when results really come, or when someone gets off their duff to DO Something they should be – and it doesn’t have to be physical either.

Last year, when I put out my great course “Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training” – actually year before last, boy, how time flies – most people didnt even notice it.

Till date, Isometric and Flexibility Training sells a lot more – which I get in some ways, they contain stuff that most people need in their day to day lives – but the advanced version is a MUST grab my friend, because you can progress to NEWER levels (why stagnate when you dont have to??) – feel BETTER – get FITTER – looser – stronger – improve health beyond BOUNDS … and, well, if you were to even take a look at the Stick Isometrics section in the book, that alone is worth what I’m charging you for it my friend.

Out there in the heat, I haven’t been out for over a month in the summer (afternoon) heat I tested myself – on the 3rd of the fast I wrote to you about and sent you a great video on to clarify a lot of doubts my list had. (has).

And I felt more focused, yet, the heat hit me a lot more – but I Suspect thats due to plans tossing and turning in my head all night, and not sleeping as soundly as I should have – and the T boosts from all the pull-ups and fasting I’ve been doing, and isometrics.

Plus, yes, fast after a while which I plan on extending beyond the third day (today).

We’ll see how that goes, but out there in the heat, I stood there and did squats with this stick – something I haven’t shown you guys how to do as yet (well, except in Squat 101) – but more importantly, I did ISOMETRICS – and man, my lats and grips are BUZZING.

Look, isometrics – the so called “simplest” stuff like pushing against a wall – or bamboo stick – can build strength like you never imagined my friend.

And its a great, great idea to include that along with your bodyweight exercises, Indian clubs, and other things you do.

No, they never replace anything else.

Neither does anything else replace it.

And thats that.

You owe it to yourself to pick up (if you’re in any way shape or form serious about REAL FITNESS!) –  copy of Advanced, PROFOUND, Isometric and Flexibility Training NOW. 

It’s truly PROFOUND.

Welcome aboard.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Almost forgot to state above that I “found” the stick laying around – like I did in the park the other year. Gave that one to the wife, of course, she never used it despite claiming she would. Didnt and dont feel like asking her for it – so I manifested another. Hehe. On the FLY.

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