Why I never bought into the “but it’s just a digital product” BS
- YES.

Back when I started this particular website (2017) – the other one’s been going pretty much since 2011 (when I was PHAT) – people kept telling me one thing.

“You need to forget about selling digitally!”

Even back then, if you look at most “guru” sites and so forth, they offered mostly DIGITAL products.

I never bought into the BS, and kept doing it my way.

Fast forward to today, gurus that have written bestselling books and have made more than a million dollars doing it have all jumped on to my bandwagon – if I might call it that.

More and more products, yes, fitness as well are being offered DIGITALLY.

Nothing beats a paperback, of course, but I can tell you one thing – what I learned the MOST from is a pdf of a book which I keep recommending to folks “for free” – no I get nothing from it “The Magic of Believing”.

Claude Bristol’s little gem is how I run my entire life, Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich as well.

I ain’t a fan of audiobooks, but I’ve even got audiobooks for these which I ain’t even heard!

My wife too is one of the horde who believes “it’s digital so it can’t be sold or command a high price”.

Back when I started selling green tea recently in 2019, she – believe it or not, WANTED to join that biz with me.

Of course, she was interested in the lure of what she thought was “easy money” – and in her words “money will rain from the sky” if we do this right!

Um, yes, IF you do it right and complaining about teething issues with business and expecting everything to be perfect all the time isnt how it works.

But most of all, why would she want to do anything with someone she hates – me?

Well, PHYSICAL product (plus my client base which I got “out of the blue” as it were).

This mentality persists amongst folks, I dont know why – but thats fine – my sales figures prove what I and many other sane people have been ranting about forever.

First, it’s not about the size of it – its about whats CONTAINED in it. Value of info in it basically – and second, in our digital world these days, there’s absolutely no goddamned reason a digital product should command a lesser price than a paperback or hardcover (sans printing costs and such).

Try telling that to the average blockhead though …

Anyway – thats that.

Even my haters recognize my sales figures. Hehe. There must be SOMETHING to what I do .. here’s this gem I got (hey, Benny – my auto delete within 1 hour works – so this is probably the last one you’ll get from me!)

Now it is clear I’m nowhere near your level of money making which I admit, you’re far better at sales than me but I do ok and I do my best to do what’s possible for the time being on top of the other stuff I make.

Well, at least he was honest in the first part of the statement, I wont waste y’all’s time with the meaningless tripe he wrote otherwise…  (not to mention “what he makes”, which is what his wife gives him basically or what he can badger/pester/otherwise get out here. Like dude, seriously, $300 (which is what he was tom tomming from some screenshot for the month or what not) … how far does that go in todays America? Internet bill to Tiky Tok more fake workouts – LOL)


Gotta give credit where it’s due though … ????

To learn how outsell your competitors at the highest levels – order the 10 Commandments of Successful SAles NOW.

And thats that, friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I love it when these nutjobs troll me up and down, yet keep re-subscribing to my youtube even after being booted. Hilarious! ????

Hey, I get it. You can’t stay away – hehe. So be it. Spread the word, make yourself useful, trolls, troll a little more! ????

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