When you should NOT be doing extended fasting.
- More on the yin and yang there ...

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This afternoon, when I went out into the blazing heat (I remember Charles once saying “I dont know how you climb mountains in this heat!”) – which feels like a giant TRUCK my daughter was asking about bearing down on your CHEST – making it hard to breathe – do anything – I saw some guys working labor.

They were breaking stones, Rambo II style.

If there ever was pure machismo, two Stallone scenes sum it up.

One is in the movie “Cobra” where Sly walks up to a so called tough guy, does nothing initially after the guy talks shit to him – and then rips his shirt down the middle.

Then cooly walks away as the rest look on, mouths agape…


Second, the initial scenes of Rambo II where Rambo is showing doing hard labor wearing a denim shit and blue jeans (Sly could have chosen better for his attire) – in blazing hot heat that makes you sweat buckets just standing.

He’s breaking stones Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness style.

I’ve nothing but respect from a physical standpoint for these sort of guys – doing that day in and day in out in this heat ain’t easy!

And it’s a great, great workout – do that for a few hours per day, you dont need to do anything else at all – period.

But it got me thinking, with me on day 4 of my fast, slightly disturbed sleep last night (though thats because my body is cleaning out internally) – what if I had to do that NOW.

I COULD do it.

But I wouldn’t recommend fasting while doing it!

Again, you COULD do it.

But that sort of extreme stuff puts a lot of pressure on your body – so its best to do it “fueled”, now I’ve gone hoarse saying an extended fast doesnt mean sitting around and doing nothing.

It means following the way of the animal.

Mr Tiger doesnt prance about in the extreme heat of the afternoon.

He sleeps in a cooler place.

Even if he hasn’t eaten for more than a week, the tiger starts hunting when it’s COOLER.

It’s no coincidence that yesterday when I stepped out, the friendly neighborhood cat “meowed” at me twice – not my daughter (who thought she merely wanted food).


She was passing on a message.

And I accepted it.

The cat – or the tiger – doesnt stop moving or stretching when it hasn’t eaten.

It doesnt stop hunting either.

But it does so without putting it’s body under extreme duress.

Ancient cavemen went for days without eating.

They didnt necessarily do a lot of heavy labor all those days.

The key is to live like an ANIMAL – and maybe thats why, tiger like, I’m sleeping till 1130 AM these days – and going to bed around 4 or so in the morning. Hehe.

So be it …

So that’s the lesson for the day.

Animal Kingdom Workouts is your ticket if “the way of the animal” interests you and if you want to get into kick butt animal like shape in amazingly quick time.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll want to place that pre-order above NOW, as the price WILL go up on it soon.

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