Whiny fat boy excuses for not doing pull-ups
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When talking to my daughter about pull-ups, I told her how even getting into a handstand, as Charles Mitchell told me once, puts me into an elite category fitness wise.

That I am, of course, elitest of the elite perhaps, but I worked damn hard at it, I didnt get it easy, my genetics was, and is, and remains anything but conducive to any sort of real functional fitness, strength and conditioning, and most importantly HEALTH – and even more importantly, from the INSIDE OUT.

Then I told her about pull-ups, and how most so called men out there today cannot even BEGIN the first step of a pull-up – which is a dead hang.

And how getting the chin over the bar is something most so called men, even those with huge muscles in the gym etc cannot do.

Hell, a lot of WOMEN do better at pull-ups (those that train) than men, because their egos are a lot less fragile – they’re not “expected to be strong enough to do ’em” (and there you go, valuable LIFE LESSON – take pressure away, you perform like a genius without pressure, and practice far better) – and simply, most women are way more honest about their fat and looks than most so called men are, especially gym goers, pumpers, and some on the liberal spectrum who claim to “train”, but do nothing but get on social media and do “Tik Tok videos” and sleep the rest of the day claimed “Look, Mama, I outtrained him!”

Even Mama’s sick of taking care of these grown up babies. As my wife once said “its not her responsibility to take care of him”.

Anyway – pull-ups, and I’ve written about this before, remain the one exercise most so called men out there today cannot do.

And the one exercise most people WANT to do – most of all, those that are FAT – outright fat and in lousy shape and condition, and continue to deny the reality staring back in the mirror (and their man boobs, hehe, which they get pissed off when people point it out) – those that are weak and have zero functional strength or strength to weight ratio – and make the most excuses for.

If the above isn’t a fact, I’ll eat my HAT, Jack. And I dont even got one.

No, if you’re swinging, swanging, it doesnt count as a pull-up done right, no, if you’re not doing a dead hang fully stretched out, pausing a second – it doesnt count, no, if you’re not getting your chin over the bar COMFORTABLY – and pausing, it doesnt count.

I could tell you how to do it stepwise – my great book “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” tells you how, but really, guys, you get my drift.

And its one thing not to be able to do something.

It’s quite another to not be able to do it, and claim you’re a fitness expert or something (I’m sorry, but there are folks out there claiming to be fitness “gurus” with the recent shamianic stuff from China or what not – I mean really, where did China get this rap of being “mystical” while India got left behind, when it all came from India originally??) … people claiming to have postures that only “they know about” that will “Transform you miraculously within the space of SECONDS” (not even kidding) – and then these guys when you look at them are FAT, out of shape – and cannot do a single pull-up themselves – and have never been able to do.

And judging by their hypocritical and constant denial, they will never be able to do one in their sorry lives either.

Look, the pull-up is a LITMUS test of REAL MAN strength and conditioning.

Ask anyone with half a brain, they’ll tell ya.

And making excuses not to be able to do it is pathetic.

I remember how my Dad used to dead hang for a second, then fall of “literally”.

Most men are like that.

And the excuses they make – my – ugh.

Look, fella, if you’re fat, then along with the table pushup, the PULL-up will POINT IT OUT MOST BLOODY BRUTALLY!

There’s no 2 ways around that.

You can continue to make excuses and … ah, but thats what this is about.

So “top 10 excuses” maybe? I dont know, this just came into my mind so I’m writing about it but off the top of my head .. (maybe I’ll do an extended pull-up training session and talk about it on video too) …

(btw, thanks for all the “love” on the videos, I never once expected it would take off so rapidly after I started VERY late indeed last year – I never got going on youtube seriously before that – amazing as it might sound!)

  1. “I’m big but not fat”. Ugh. No, you’re fat. Plenty of “big” guys can do pull-ups friend, it’s fatsos and whiners and PANSIES that cannot (referring to the excuse makers here, not those who are trying to “do”).
  2. I have a “different body type”. No you dont. Look down, you’ll barely be able to see your dick with the fat tummy you’ve got bulging out. Look, pull-ups brutally expose excess weight and fat around the midsection, even if that ain’t a lot – it’ll expose it QUICK. Again, ask anyone with any sense thats done pull-ups, they’ll tell you.
  3. “I dont like doing pull-ups, or I could do ’em!” – one of the most idiotic excuses I’ve heard, but this keeps being peddled out there, so figured I’d put it out there
  4. “I do ’em differently!” – no, you DONT – you do it wrong. Making excuses and doing chin ups or monkey bar parallel grip pull-ups – the last being WAY easier than what I recommend, pronated grip pull-ups, chin over bar – is good (the two variants) but they dont hold a candle to the real deal friend. They have a lot of value, dont get me wrong, but the real deal is the real deal, and if you’re not getting your chin over the bar there either – most fat boys DON’T – then you’re not doing it right. Simple as that.
  5. “An exercise can be done differently”. So long as you dont compromise on FORM, and things that have been passed down through ages, I dont think fat boys excuses to change them holds any water. Simple, there is a REASON you have to get your chin over the bar friend – it taxes the traps and upper chest that bit more, and the biceps, that last bit COUNTS!

Whew, I need some tea already.


But lets continue, I’m on a roll..

And I’m RIGHT. I “quadruple dare dog” anyone with sense to tell me otherwise.

6. “My grip is too weak, my biceps etc” – well, strengthen ’em. Just do it. Stop whining.

7. “The MACHINES allow me to use more WEIGHT!” – UGH! This is by far the top most retarded excuse I’ve heard along with 1 and 2. Look, that lat pulldown is the WORST machine out there in the gym, and most of them are utter crap, and responsible for more injuries probably than all other machines combined. And it ain’t about how much weight you pull once while your keister is SEATED. It’s about using your whole body as an unit and pulling yourself through space and defying gravity, the two are different. Idiot.

8. “I can build strength in other ways” – another sorry way to say “I’m avoiding the facts”. True, you can build strength in other ways, but not the strength that COUNTS.

9. “Pull-ups aren’t even necessary” – you hear this BS from folks often. Um, the Army uses pushups and pull-ups along with other basic conditioning routines like running, log carries to whip sissies into REAL MEN within weeks – there is a reason boxers, wrestlers, martial artises, swimmers, UFC guys, REAL fitness gurus *hint hint* – swear by em.

10. “I’d like to isolate and PUMPPPPPPPPPP my lats” – another huge ugh. I’ve spoken about how the whole body needs to function as an unit, not the grotesque Mr Olympia style you see people pimping and posing on, not man boobs hanging down to your penny – is – lol …

Damn, I could think of 20 more.



If you’re still making excuses about not being able to do pull-up, stop NOW.

And start now – doing that is.

Get my world famous book on doing pull-ups RIGHT that NO-ONE out there will teach you – secret info that yours truly has learned “in the trenches” and that I charge HUGE bucks for at a pittance right now.

This book when you DO what I tell you to – will truly turn you from DUD to STUD at pull-ups and NIGH QUICK.

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

And thats that. I shall be BACk.


Rahul Mookerjee


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