Reproduction is a natural function
- Now, why is that here?

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That caught ya attention, didnt it?

Mine too – well, this afternoon walking home from school the daughter noticed some kittens, and apparently they were the same ones my loony ex feeds “bread” to – yet, when that same cat (the adult) acts entitled and bratty, she acts surprised.

She’s got a huge stick to ward the “male of the species” off who shows up too.

I wrote about this before, these are wild, feral cats, why not let them roam as is?

Not like she’s making them a house pet, they aren’t even allowed to enter the house.

Makes no freaking sense, right down to what she feeds them, I wrote about this here … (and if you’re feeding the damn female, feed the damn male?)

I love cats, but wouldn’t have them as pets. I’d have a dog. Dogs are loyal and trustworthy, cats by nature are the very opposite. The word “catty” is out there for a reason – now they have some amazing qualities I’ve written about a lot, but as a house pet? Nah …

Nothing against those who love their “kitties”, of course.

Anyway – further down the road, she pointed out two cats I didnt even see.

“They look just like the kittens”, she said.

I looked.

They did, right down to the color.

And green eyes. The male was the same, the female different (black cat this time, one showing up is a grey cat).

And then I noticed the position the “top” cat was in. Hehe. You get the picture “about to hump”, while the female was staring at us with her emrald green eyes.

I wrote about that, staring with cats or into their eyes is one of the best and most relaxing things you can do!

Anyway – I told the daughter “oh, ok, well, they’re ..”

Dont tell me, she cut me off, giggling.

It is, as the birds and bees were for me growing up – a taboo topic.

Now, she’s at the age where she’s curious. Almost 10, and in a couple of years she’ll be old enough to start understanding things better.

I told her plainly, there’s no need to be embarassed when you see that.

Procreation is a natural function, much like breathing is.

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be there, I grinned.

And, you look like me, therefore, the big cats look like the kittens, thats why the kittens look like them …

“Papa’s carbon copy” as they call her. Hehe. And she is. Right down to the MIND. (the most important).

Kids need to be told that sex, and other so called adult topics aren’t “taboo” (beyond a certain age) and properly EDUCATED on it.

Note I said EDUCATED, not “watch animals do it”. Like in biology class in school where I remember looking at the teacher with her red … ah, I wont go there as she taught “reproduction” …

Much of the crime happening, well, it’s idiotic adults who want it all themselves, yet act like the topic is “oh my god” when it’s discussed.

I’ve got an entire biz based off sex – for adults only, thank you very much, no, it’s NOT porno in anyway – its more educative, and thats interesting considering the only education I got myself was while playing tennis one day in grade 8 and the Dad furtively asking me on a break “you’re growing up. Do you use your hand in the bathroom”?

I didnt quite understand what he meant… and that was the end of that.

I still remember the horrendous fights at home when the teachers complained about me looking at girls’s mammaries and creating them out of my handkerchief and such. Hey. What can I say, I’m a bad boy!

The puritanical way in which my Mom looked at me, I’ll never fuckin forget it.

She was in tears “those things you do, you’re such a horrible boy!”

Hey, Mama, I’m a normal fuckin boy, I tried to be as normal as you let me. I didnt learn skills like fighting, repairing cars etc other boys of my age learnt because their Dads taught them, mine either didnt know himself or was too scared to teach (Mom) … but that dont mean I wasn’t normal.

I remember my dad trying to explain it.

“Well, it’s pleasurable”, he went. “Else folks would be drinking whiskey!”

The only beer I ever had with my father?

Grade 10, furtively hidden away in the freezer when Mom was away at the grandparents house …

I was nigh shocked he even knew I liked beer (or drank it back then).

Beer and peanuts, and he handed them to me – was “Strohs beer” I believe.

(2 large cans, till this date “two bottles of beer” is one too many apparently. If they only knew. HA!)

(well, they did, in China I remember Mom calling “worried about whether you’re lugging cases of beer up the four flights of stairs that you said you can barely get up” … Nah, Mommy, the girls delivered the beer, I didnt really carry that shit up aside from the first time) …

I dont know, all these things, man, kids are going to see it anyway.

As adults, we’ve got a responsibility to EDUCATE these kids about it – in a sensible rational manner, without being “scared of what Mommy might say”.

And use terminology they wont be scared off by “birds and beeeez” and such…

My wife, fuck, I keep saying wife, I need to start getting used to “ex”, I’ve wanted it so many years, now I’m finally on the road to getting my dadgumit wish …

… when she was 12 or so, had her first period, menses, whatever, her mother slapped her for it happening.

WTF, folks are insane. In certain parts of India women aren’t allowed to enter temples or even the home kitchen while they’re on the rag, men in certain parts cannot cook non vegetarian food at home, if they do, theyre handed a “special bowl” for it.

WTF again, natural goddamned bodily function, yet … (as for the food dont even get me started. Apparently its ok on terrace but not the kitchen – this from the ex’s house).

How dare I say anything, hehe. It’s indian culture.

Ok, I wont.

But things need to change. Some things never have in that part of the world, they never will (China and the far East done moved past all that bullcrap years ago) – anyway …… back to it?

As I told the daughter, grinning.

“You;re Papa’s biggest supporter. You always have been”.

And she has, ever since the day she was nigh born.

But you do it indirectly, like me, hehe, I grinned. Hey, chip off the old block, even my customers say that.

She nudged me.

Of course! I dont want Mommy to know …

And that should tell you the real status of whose relationship is healthy and whose isn’t (with my daughter) …

Its sad adults gotta be this way. Hey. Remove the crap surrounding what everyone truly deeps wants deep down inside as I keep saying on the other website, and the world would be a less dark place, much nicer place, much more open and normal.

Anyway ……….

I could point you to that site now. You’d be nigh shocked and astounded – this “right wing lunatic” as some call me is that far to the left on this?

Yes, my friend.

I’m neither right or left – I’m sane. Some issues I’m on the left, most in the center-right, some far right….

Whats right is right, whats wrong is wrong, that will never change.

And Kiddie Fitness is something that is right. Every kid must be FIT, like we used to be years ago …

Get it now for your kids, best doggone present you’ll ever give ’em.


Rahul Mookerjee

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