Smoking at home, or not?
- Interesting, the hypocrisy ...

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It’s interesting, the grade A hypocrisy some people live by – or are “forced” to live by.

Back in the day, I remember cooking beef patties in the damn oven, or maybe I skillet fried the steak, whatever it was, didnt have no blood coming out of it – hehe – I prefer my steak well done too – and uh, well, Rueben, buddy of mine remarked “the whole damn place smells like holy cow” in here.

I put the holy part in, or maybe he did?


But that was in 99, in MS down south at my pad as it were.

Been a while since I last cooked meat, Imma start soon, but again – back to it – I remember my dad in college telling me in the car on the way home “there’s to be no smoking (regular cigs) at home”.

OK, Dad, I didnt plan on it.

Ok, in grade 11 I believe he almost caught me at it, smelt the damn smoke, even said he did, but Mom wasn’t there, he said nothing and went back to bed.

But at that time, he did.

Before I even thought of or wanted to do it.

Now, my Dad’s Mom told him he could smoke at home if he wanted to.


So it’s interesting, how it all panned out with his own son and him. Are we even son and Dad? I have my doubts, anyway, I Remember him prattling about the fact that he’s proud of till this day “your mother told me to stop smoking and I did”.

Note he didnt quit for his health.

I quit at 24 for my own damn health, no-one told me (when they did before, Dad included “if there is anything at all you want to do for me, stop smoking” is what I was once told) – when they did, I could care two figs less.

He quit when his wife told him.

A spell that hasn’t disappeared until now.

She commands, he jumps.


But I remember him going on and on about how the office ribbed him openly for being a wife’s boy or something “Biwi / Joru Ka Gulam” or some shit in hindi, I dont even remember the term – and him saying it like it was something to be proud of.

Look, if you do something for yourself, or someone else because you really fuckin want to, be damn proud of it, but to me, doing something because she wont like it and living your whole life that way is living like a pussy.

Excuse my French.

To each his or her own. I aint going up to him and tellin him that either, it’s his life.

But its something you shouldn’t let impact your kids, yet they did.

At 19, my uncle who famously once claimed after I left his residence at New Canaan up in CT, I believe – in the middle of the woods, lovely setting, I still remember the foxes “he’ll never come back here again!” true – I didnt – hehe – the same one who calls me a wolf till this day most likely, the only one who knows probably I got married and had a child, albeit through social media (well my maternal uncle, smoker and drinker till his last day does too) … the smoking thing?

He was fine with me smoking on his porch.

Hell, I even asked him if I should clean up the butts from the grass or what not, he pooh poohed it.

He was pretty fussy about SHOES though, and leaving them outdoors – haha.

Hey, his house, his rules, but point is this, you gotta let a man be a man.

Try telling that to my family.

Plus, a father whose own mother told him its ok to do so long as you dont hide from your parents, advice that is SOUND as heck, that old lady was smart, she helped me too – giving the exact opposite advice to his son


My own wife has never told me directly about my drinking beer etc, she’s bitched about it though plenty of times, apparently for her beer is a luxury. Wtf? Coors light, a fuckin luxury?

I’ve no idea how she’ll react to my smoking after all these years, she’s never seen me smoke, but I’m glad to report I truly dont give a flyin fuck at this point.

I know she’ll probably never sign on the dotted divorce line, and thats fine. At the start of this month it was a done deal in my brain, and thats what counts to me.

And no, I aint gonna let the cat out of the bag yet on what sparked it “gave me the damn red ass” as it were (without eating a single spice – hehe).

Not like any broad I’m with has ever cared, or will care, or if I did…


All the advice I give you in Zero to hero! and Gumption Galore! is from the heart, and it just flat out works.

From in the trenches. Ain’t no BS even there.

Back to movie night…

Later y’all!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I get not smoking at home, second hand smoke and that. What I dont get is the hypocrisy. Standing out on Dad’s balcony with a smoke and a beer wasn’t gonna harm nothing or nobody … Oh well.

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