When I quit smoking cold turkey …
- 'twas ...

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Golly, gosh, Jesus, Mary and God – or Mother of God – whatever the saying is.

Or, Jesus jumpin Christ on a pogo stick (interesting they all these axoims on good ole Jesus, but not other religions, the followers of some get uber violent too when fun is made of their religion’s leading figures, albeit in a nice way – no goose and gander eh? Saying Merry Christmas is a fuckin crime, saying “Happy Diwali” isnt…) …

Anyway ..

It must be a grade B “direct to TV” movie night for me – or day. Had no inkling it would turn out that way.

Had no inkling I’d be watching a Banderas flick (I’m not a fan of Banderas overall, no real thoughts either way on him, cool dude when he had his long hair in the first movie I saw him, a Stallone movie) (and the Expendables, pretty cool too) …

… I’m definitely NOT a Bruce Willis fan.

But, he’s got some classic dialogs, like when he asks Sly and Arnie in Expendables One “you two gonna suck each other’s dicks now”?

Men, eh.


Anyway … (must be fuckin movie night tonight, all for a good reason tho)

This latest movie I’m watching is about him, I just started it.

Before that tho – a guy on my list here recently asked me why I dont post near as much to my other list on rahulmookerjee.com as I do this one.

The two are seperate lists, and they get some of what’s here, but not all.

Vice versa too.

So if you’re smart you’ll be on both lists, but if I post here continously for days on end, then some of these go out to people there too.

Especially the life related emails …

And so he asked

Good question.

I haven’t planned it that way.

But, that site’s been going since 2010, very slow and steady, so it kinda makes sense how it worked out, this one, fast and furious – no pun – ever since the day of its inception, I still remember booking the domain not so long ago.

Yin and yang apart, this site is much easier to login to in many ways, so the bulk of the “posting” gets done here, emailing gets done there too.

But anyway …

I remember quitting smoking – or trying to at the age of 19.

Failed three times, it was finally in China, at the age of … 24? in a land renowned for smoking that I finally quit, even when surrounded by smokers at my first job.

Everywhere I went peopel smoked.

They’d crush their cigarettes out on plates in the restaurant, I still pity the waitresses who cleaned up after them, apparently now thats “Chinese culture”.

Ok, whatever…

Much like tipping isnt part of the culture, yet the girls were more than glad when I did it. As a colleague Clement from HK wisely said, well, you’re giving them money, why wouldn’t they be happy.

‘xactly, and they’re women. Hehe.

Enough said.

But anyway …

I quit cold turkey, none of the bullshit about non nicotine cigarettes, weaning myself off and such.

And it wasn’t half as bad as I thought. Even when my colleague Clement blew smoke at me (he smoked like a damn chimney, twice of what I did) during a break and asked if I wanted a smoke… The day after I quit!

Maybe as Bruce once told me laughingly “I dont fully inhale”.

Nah, my friend.

I do. The weed, I’ve smoked it, for some reason never affected me, so I never did much of it, but the beer was and is always my thang.

But anyway – my lungs and stamina level then were proof I did inhale, I could barely climb four flights of stairs without sweating/being out of breath at 24.

Fast forward to 42, now, well … I can bound up them without a second thought.

I recently watched a Steve Austin podcast about how he quit chewing tobacco, same thang.

Saw his Dad die of cancer (his adopted father I believe) and decided he was a stupid mofo if he did not quit himself.

And he did.

Cold turkey.

There’s a lesson in that, my friend.

Sink or swim.

And its how I’ve been all my life.

It’s mentioned in Zero to Hero indirectly.

You wont hear the life gurus prattle about it, because it’s TOUGH.

Only the tough survive – survival of the fittest – law of the jungle which just flat out works.

Anyway .

REAL reason I mention this?

I’ve been wanting to smoke dem cigars with my beer for a long goddamned time now.

Maybe this will be the year I “finally” give in. Hehe.

Am I dumber than a box of rocks for doing so?

Hell, maybe.

Maybe it wont be a expensive Cuban cigar like Jim smoked, perhaps a Marlboro Light – or “Classic Mild”.

Light beer, light cigarettes, they’re all as bad. Light’s just a marketing ploy sometimes . Southpaw beer was supposed to be somewhat light (no longer around) but dangit, it wasn’t half as light as it claimed.

But there’s something to be said for two things.

One, living life on your terms, doing precisely as you please, when you want to, waking up at past noon and going to bed at 4 if you so choose with no-one (wives especially) to nag the everliving Bejesus out of ya…

And two?

Well, I know – for a fact – with proof in hand not just on this one, but everythang else I’ve done in my damn life thus far.

I could quit ANY moment I choose.

And secure in THAT knowledge, I do what the fuck I want to, my friend.

Mental strength and physical stamina – or the other way around, or both go together.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System builds the body and mind both – in equal measures, together, in heaps at that.

Click on over and have your fill Today.

I’m back to the B or maybe knowing Willis flicks, C grade flick. Hehe.


rahul Mookerjee

P S – If you’re gonna whine about fitness gurus dont smoke, spare me the crap. The day I get fat, and lousy out of shape – tell me, until then, well …

(Or, be fair and mention the tomes of them that are literally CORPULENT and claim to, and in some cases do, sell a LOT)

Guess why, folks can relate to em.

Be real above all.

And thats the bottom line.


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