Never feel bad for other people.

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Man, writing truly is a form of cartharis and done right is what distinguishes the truly great writers from the merely good, has been, and wanna bes.

It isn’t simply not having tai pos, minimising then, putting words down on paper and so forth. Anyone can do that.

It’s truly when your writing hits home – the X factor – you either have it or don’t (and develop it if you don’t – anyome can provided they’re willing to put in the fucking work required) – when you feel this urge to write on a dumbphone, and not short social media posts despite your intense dislike of doing anything on them… Because it has to be done NOW as it were….

Anyway that ain’t what this is about.

It’s about not feeling sorry for other people of bad. In the vast majority of cases these folks are lazy and have brought their own misfortune – life, fitness, biz, relationships, injuries, no matter what it might be upon themselves.

This shouldn’t be confused with feeling happy or taking pride in the misfortune of others. NO.

Back in the day my ex would eat gleefully in front of me when I had less than zero in the bank, and drive it in by saying “it’s your own damn fault you’re broke”.

Was it?

Maybe in the sense of being a doer, paying my dues which everyone does, putting in the hard yards, indefatigable patience and persistence until results started to manifest first in a trickle, then torrent…

These days,  I look at her.

Without the fat lazy maid her own lazy arse so loves (remember why the other one was fired – the one that actually DID something) – with nothing but a small portable stove on which to cook – no hot water showers (back in the day when the situation was reversed she’d never help me though she could – indeed, she’d lecture me on “it’s your fault, deal with it”).

Literally for her I could pass tomorrow and she wouldn’t care. Hehe. Which is fine.

Often times I still feel a twinge of guilt when I eat happily, drink, whatever – then I remind myself of the lean times, how these same people treated me when I needed help – truly did – the ex is but one example in my family, my parents are the same damn way.

And the twinge disappears. Which is where most doers mess up.

(If anything, I enjoy whatever that “thing” is even more when I think of all that. Some may call that being a pyschopath which I’m fine with (Sophia once did – hehe – so did Rohini) (not in the sense of being Ted Bundy or Adolf Hitler – no – but obsessed with something in a good way – look up the true meaning of the world and you will get it) but the reality is it’s called mental calluses. Simple).

(And we all know if you ain’t calloused, you ain’t putting in the hard yards or improving in any which way, shape or form. Very fuckin simple).

Never feel sorry for someone who treated you like crap when you were at your lowest.

Do all in your power to help those that helped you unflinchingly without a second thought when you really needed it. But don’t feel bad or sorry for such folks though. That’s the last thing a true doer wants. Help – because it’s the right thing to do in their case.

Show these people the way, kick their asses, be brutal – no matter what it takes. True doers always love that and will implement everything you tell them without a single whine – indeed, they’ll ask for MORE of the same to improve and get where they WANT to be in any sphere of life.

As my buddy from the Marines loves to tell me..

“You’d have done the same for me”.

Hell yeah I would have man. And do!

Tracy once asked me (not the student) if I didn’t feel bad “enjoying myself with my girlfriend when my ex is struggling to take care of her kids”(not financially).


She convienently left out the fact the most intense relationship of my life happened entirely by chance when I had like 300 kuai in my pocket in China – nothing coming in for months – and my then wife on my arse about money regardless.

As Chuck once rightly said, your old lady just won’t cut you a break.

Of course, neither would his in the same situation. The vast majority of females are like that ..

But the point stands.

Look, the Universe sees all.

Emerson referred to it as the Universal Court of Justice which always dispenses justice – sometimes delayed for years, but come it does.

With COMPOUND interest at that.

Every slight is repaid, every debt comes back manifold and so forth, and it ain’t just money either. Just look at my ex who imagined she’d bend me to her will by gleefully taking my shit when I had it (and was idiot enough to give it to her – indeed, she’d later taunt me with “you shouldn’t have given me that money!” When I’d point out goose and gander) and never giving me shit when I needed it, and rubbing salt into the wounds as it were.

“Jale PE namak chidakna” as the Hindu expression on that one goes.

“Jaisi karni waisi bharni” is the Hindi, not Hind”u” hehe as a lot confuse the language with (religion) term for you reap exactly that which you sow, either positive or negative.

Or in between.

Ditto for lazy people fitness wise that won’t do what it takes.

Do spare a thought though for people that go out of their way to find things they hate doing and do them on a regular basis or work at getting damn good at them – zero excuses. Pull-ups are the number one fitness example there but just one of the most important ones – roadwork being another.

And so forth.


Not to confused with taking pride in or feeling happy over the misfortune of others or gloating about it etc.

Simply dissect that shit logically and move on. Spare yourself the guilt trip.

Most will hate what’s written above, a minority loves it and cannot get enough of the Rahul Mookerjee brand school of hard knocks which is truly how everyone, no exceptions – has to do it. That’s just how the world works. No exceptions.

And I believe we all know which type 0 Excuses Fitness caters to, always has and will – and the sort we go out of our way to avoid.

That’s that, then.

Take it or leave. It’s true.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have gone hoarse saying it but yet again – if there are two books you must read in your life, those are Emersons essays on compensation – and the Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol (with all of Napoleon Hills work being a close second or third).

No, I don’t get anything for promoting those.

Neither would I want anything for doing so.

I’m simply giving it to us straight.

Giving back, books that helped me so much, continue to…

And that’s that.

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