Pushup lesson straight from the dream world

I’ll probably head on back to bed after this short one. No pun.

Another night of dreams – my. Lovely ones all of them, in between someone I know getting a “bruiser” (black eye – long dream story) – one of my favorite sportspersons of all time Big Matt the Bat showed up.

Massively built back in the day Aussie opening batter that literally pummelled and battered bowlers all over the ground.

He was doing fingertip pushups.

Now, dreams as I’ve said before aren’t meant to be taken literally my friend. “Big Matt” in the dream is a symbol. Fingertip pushups probably a premonition of the upcoming workout later…

But I noticed something off.

He wasn’t doing them wrong.

But, there’s always a way to make pushups tougher. Like I say so often, I can make 10 pushups tougher than a 100.

And there in the dream, I moved my hands down to my waist – or fingers in this case – as “Matt” shook his head “too tough”.

Which it is if you do that.

The more you move your hands towards the waist, the more your forced to focus on form, core and lower back – while your thighs and upper body get a hell of a workout too.

Try this one – and tell me.

Yes, pushups are a full body workout. That’s just one of the lessons drummed into you in Pushup Central, the 0 Excuses Fitness system and such.

And that’s that for now.

Back to dreamland,. literally.


Rahul Mookerjee

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