Is a strong grip “just required” for sports?
- No.

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Lots of folks have this erroneous thinking that a strong grip is required “just if you’re into sports, or are an athlete – or so forth”.

The reverse couldn’t be more true.

I’ll always remember a famous Sly Stallone comment where he once said he would judge – no pun Dredd hehe – potential suitors characters (he has three daughters) – by their grip.

It might sound silly, what he said. But it’s not. A mans grip can tell you a LOT about him if you can “feel” what I’m saying here. A firm handshake, and so forth. Goes a long way!

As he rightly said – “Grip it like a MAN!”.

Tommy, a guy I used to work with back in the day and supposedly with some basic wrestling training in Turkey – once made an interesting comment when Alan our supervisor, discussing our severances – or about to discuss mine, at any rate – made the comment about my grip “he truly has the strongest grip here”.

Alan and his comments on my grip. And the “limp” expressions he often made with his hand – legendary. Hehe.

Tommy responded by saying “grips good, but you need so much more”.

Bear in mind he wasn’t exactly in the best of shape himself.

And this was a guy who famously got into an online fracas with my buddy from the Marines (I won’t get into details) but discussing it with the African Silverback Gorilla – I still remember what he said.

“Have you seen the arms on that guy!” (Referring to my buddy – bear in mind Marc himself was no slouch in that regard).

“Those guys are killers!” He made the comment about him – while making a dismissive gesture in terms of Tommy.

Later on when I finally did meet the towering giant I’d later be friends with, he made the famous and true comment about my “unnatural pull to my grip“.

Coming from a guy who’s about five times in size, wrestled in high school, did all the brutal training required of him in the Marines – swims regularly – does sets of 20 dips as a regular workout and so forth – that was something. Hehe. And true!

That and the equally famous comment about who was more brutally honest – Trump or me.

“By no means a foregone conclusion” was his response when I said ole Donald had me beat there by far.

He’s right. Hehe.

Anyway… All great guys, great memories.

Grip is something you build almost as a side effect if you’re a Marine – sportsperson – athlete -and so forth.

Sure it’s not the only thing required – but it’s damn important.

Play tennis for a week, you’ll see what I mean in the first regard. Your serving hand grip will be a hell of a lot stronger than before even without specifically training grip.

Or wrestle. Greco Roman, Olympic, Turkish, Indian, Russian, even Iranian. I don’t care. The Iranian old-school wrestlers wrestle each other with their bodies swathed in oil.

Try gripping upper arms and waists that are slick and hard to grip in the first place, then picking folks up and throwing them around etc. You’ll see.

Point of all this?

A strong grip is a must for everyone.

It could even save your life someday.

Yes, I’m not just referring to Sig Klein.

I’m referring to everyday heroes – the unsung ones – one mentioned here.

That’s truly some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

And yes, John. Spot on. Grip training is truly as important as breathing my friend!

Like I keep saying too – we only know what we are truly capable of when we really “have to”! That’s why I keep saying, never rest easy. Don’t take days off. Keep the hustle going – in ALL regards!

And even if you’re not out there trying to save lives in split seconds on cliffs at precarious heights – or carrying heavy fire hoses etc – let’s face it, a strong grip comes in damn handy if you gotta shift furniture up and down stairs – carry Grandma to the bed – no pun please – or simply hoist your girl up in your arms – hehe.

Or, opening them hard to open jar tops.

Or, just carrying groceries or crates of beer, hehe – or AC compressors – up and down flights of stairs.

Or just toting 20 liter bottles of water up flights of stairs. Still remember Brooks Kubik and me discussing that when I brought it up.

“Good idea! Fill them wth sand as you get stronger…”

All everyday stuff my friend.

Those middle aged ladies in China that do it, or the tiny Chinese massueses that massage all day long – poking and prodding the hell out of you while you squeal in pain if you’re the average person – haha – can teach you a fuckload about grip too. Mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness...

And from the guy with an unnatural pull to his grip that can take men down more than three times his size and much more accomplished in many regards – my courses on grip training get you there.

Click on over here – and here – and here – if interested.

Snap up the courses NOW. Much more in the offing Jeeves.

Then get to WORK on the exercises..

Remember too, you don’t put the cart before the horse.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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