Mid back mania

Over the past few years I’ve been stressing the importance of doing both pushups and pull-ups. Lots of folks feel that since the pull-ups is overall way tougher – pushups are not required. Wrong.

I found this out the hard way back when working out for Battletank Shoulders. I was doing 100 handstand Pushups and 100 plus pull-ups per workout but no floor pushups.

Easy I thought. Imagine my shock then when after a few months I did 15 – gasp – regular pushups – and I felt it in my lats whole showering!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been really zeroing in on form on everything as I look to ascend to the next level. You keep improving. Even the bodyweight exercise Guru and Mr handstand Pushup – is no exception!

While doing Jack la lanne pushups this morning, man – I felt muscles along the side of my spine – mid back, right by the spine I hadn’t in years apparently – as I focused in on form and keeping my bubble butt down as much as I can. Hehe.

Muscles that you’d think are taxed in the pull-up and they are.

But not to maintain perfect balance and a stiff core. The two are different.

Pushups tax the mid back heavily – an area not heavily taxed by pull-ups, although they work the entire back.

And if you’re having trouble keeping the core tight, chances are excellent and second to none this particular area of your body needs to be strengthened as well. For me it’s a weakness on the right side of the spine. Something I only found out today. Like I said, we keep learning!

And that’s that my friend.

Lesson – do not ignore Pushup Central my friend.

Pullps are a must. Not because they look glamorous but because they build brutal upper body strength you simply couldn’t otherwise.

But don’t neglect walking because you run and or vice versa.

Same thing here.

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups, splits, forward bends I keep stressing as opposed to the more glamorous back bends folks go ga ga over all strengthen this region.

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