Deep breathing and such…

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I’ve been seeing a litany of posts as of late from folks that lift hard at the gym – some right, some not.

A common thread with them seems to be “illness”. Specifically sinus issues and such, muscle aches that dong get away, rhinitis, and other aches and pains…

Now, most will never admit that heavier and heavier weights in the gym, even if done in proper form are BAD for you.

Just ask Brooks Kubik. Drug free 500 lb bench press. He got to the point on e where he couldn’t lift his arms up to our his shirt on, so blown out were his shoulders from the almighty bench press.

The latter pulldown is even worse. Yes, ladies, it gives you lovely back spread, muscle etc – men too – but these same folks cannot in most cases do handstand Pushups and pull-ups.

A female Japanese powerlifter I’ve been chatting with (yes, extremely feminine – simply lifting don’t mean she’s “manly”) – said the same thing.

She could probably bench me. Hehe.

But, illness, body pain etc – I advised her to do some outdoor running and deep breathing for her ailments (described above).

Unfortunately Madam wants to take pills so she can get back to lifting asap. She said hiking etc was “easy” for her.


I still remember the girls giggling at me as the pang lao wai (fat foreigner) huffed and puffed his way up that now famous hill in DG as Ann Lee just glided on up it seemed…

But i really think she’s missing the point.

Muscle wise it’s easy for her.

But deep breathing that bodyweight stuff induces – specifically pushups and squats – hiking – that’s the real key.

Sweating outdoors, running outdoors breathing in the fresh or even polluted air – it’s different from lifting in the gym.

Pushups are the one exercise along with squats that induce a lot of heavy breathing.

Not saying weighted squats don’t, but they only do so for very short periods, and they lead to injury long term. Period.

Point of all this?

Stay away from the meds.

Martin Farmer Burns was right when he wrote about deep breathing making many a weak man strong and sick man well in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture – a timeless classic along with Emersons laws of compensation, Claude Bristol’s “The Magic of Believing” and Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich you MUST read. No, I get nothing for promoting those books. I’m simply doing it to help you – those that will listen that is.

My, my fingers seem to be nigh flying on the dumbphone today!


It’s well known that I rarely, if ever, despite my other vices (cigars, beer, cigarettes etc – no, whiners, I ain’t saying that’s good or asking you to do it or advocating it – I’m just being honest – we all have our vices. Most let them control them. I control mine. So, I’m “allowed” to indulge) fall sick.

I attribute this to many things, but most of all – my core training. And,.my bodyweight routine.

Get the core ready, you can handle anything. Spot on, Herschel. Spot on!

Others that eat three meals a day, run on treadmills, lift heavy etc – not the case.

Without exception the ones that don’t incorporate some form of bodyweight training in their routines – aka DEEP breathing I talk so much about in the 0 Excuses Fitness system. One tiny hint in the videos – not mentioned in the book – be sure to pick that up – immensely helpful. Panourgias from Greece and a few others caught it. Most won’t!

(That’s when you can tell somone really values what they’re paying for. They read it, listen to it, watch it – over and over again. My books are not novels you read once and put down. No, you learn something new every time you read them!).

They’re called manuals for a reason.

And that, my friend is truly that. Lots of lessons above.

I’ll let yall figure them out!


Rahul Mookerjee

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